May 24, 2024

Chlöe Bailey Taking Off Her Lace-Front Wig Is the Realest Thing You’ll See Today

Celebrities may have glam squads to help them prepare for big events, but sometimes they’re on their own to take everything off, as Chlöe Bailey can attest. After the global premiere of The Little Mermaid, which stars her little sister Halle Bailey, Bailey hopped on TikTok to give followers a peek at the process.

In her video, aptly titled «me vs the wig,» Bailey explains that her full, fluffed-out caramel curls were a lace front, and because she was new to the game, she planned on taking baby steps to remove it. «As a girl with locs, I’m very new to the lace-front community,» she shares. «We’re going to see how to get this off because I’m not trying to rip my edges off. »

Bailey explains that she did some research and landed on oil as the best way to help remove the wig, so she applies a small amount of castor oil to each section of her hairline. However, the lift isn’t quite what Bailey hoped, so she reaches for a bottle of rubbing alcohol. «I’m not trying to walk around and look like this the whole da*n day,» she jokes. «This was just for fun and dress up! »

After some experimentation, Bailey finds a balance that works for her, using alcohol on the skin and castor oil on her hair, and the edges of the wig start to lift. «Oh, Jesus! I’m free at last! » she laughs at the camera with the wig in her hands. Success! With a little patience and some hard work, Bailey was back to her locs again.

Bailey looks gorgeous no matter how she styles her hair, but she was clearly having a lot of fun with the wig for the Little Mermaid premiere. She shared some pics of the full look, including a lemon yellow cutout gown by Gert-Johan Coetzee, calling herself the «Flounder to [Halle’s] Ariel. » (Halle wore a gorgeous mermaid-inspired strapless gown for the big premiere, so the sisters did give a nod to Ariel and her beloved yellow pal via their wardrobes — adorable! )

Now that Bailey has learned the ins and outs of wig removal, does this mean we can expect more lace-front looks in the future? Fingers crossed!

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