Black tea

Tea is a drink with miraculous properties. Tea leaves can eliminate nervousness, soothe, and improve performance. The effect of black tea on the body depends directly on the amount of alcohol consumed tea.

Tea contains caffeine, which is a wonderful tonic and provides strength and energy. Caffeine can cause addiction. Black tea is rich in antioxidants which have a beneficial effect on health.

The benefits of black tea:

– Protects from cold thanks to the antioxidants.

– Prevents the development of atherosclerosis.

– Strengthens the immune system due to tannin.

– Strengthens the enamel and gums due to the content of fluorine.

– Prevents the development of caries. It is enough to drink 2 cups of black tea a day.

– Calms the nervous system.

– Helps to cope with seasonal depression.

– Useful in cases of neurosis and psychopathy.

– Increases the pressure.

– Helps to fight fatigue and exhaustion.

– Cleanses the body of harmful substances.

– Eliminates disorders of the genitourinary system with regular consumption.

– Improves the absorption of information, because it stimulates brain activity.

– Relieves migraines because dilates blood vessels of the brain.

– Prevents the occurrence of stroke.

Black tea is one of the healthiest natural drinks. Its usefulness is indisputable, and some varieties have long been recognized an effective medication. Many countries consider black tea is the national beverage, which makes the tea reception of this tradition.

Properties of black tea

The protein content per 100 grams of black tea 20 grams, fat in black tea 5 grams, and carbs is about 7 grams.

Thus, the caloric content of dry product equal to 152 kcal.

But do not be afraid of this figure, one Cup of brewed tea has one gram of dry raw material, i.e. one Cup of tea contains no more than 2 calories.

In the composition of black tea contains more than 300 elements, the main of which are amino acids, pigments, vitamins, tannins, alkaloids (caffeine,theophylline), etc.

Take a closer look at vitamin composition:

Vitamin a is responsible for proper formation of bones, skin, the normal flow of exchanges, restores vision, helps the good work of the pancreas.
B vitamins are responsible for the nervous system, help to cope with gout, gastritis, liver diseases and skin.
Vitamin C is responsible for the immune system and prevents aging.
Vitamin e – the most important of all “tea”. Vitamin e contains a lot of bioflavonoidov, which take an important part in the protection of cells from free radicals, restore the shell of damaged cells, slow the aging process, increase the body’s resistance and strengthens the capillaries, preventing the occurrence of atherosclerosis.
Vitamin K is responsible for blood clotting.
In this article we will talk about how to brew hibiscus tea.

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Tea bags or loose tea?

About the convenience of tea bags and say no, but to know the whole truth about the production of such kind of tea is still needed.

Usually based tea bags is tea dust, that is what remained after the selection and production of leaf tea is overcooked, or the wrong leaves.

In tea bags manufacturers often add flavorings, color enhancers (dyes), which in consequence may lead to allergies and reduced immune function.

Another unpleasant fact is that the tea bags are much higher than those of fluorides.
If the rule referred to by scientists should be no more than 4, in packaged tea fluoride can be 6.5 or more.

So if the choice is between tea or boiled tea bags, you may prefer leaf tea, so you can be confident in the quality of the product.

Useful than black tea

For well-being.

Few people know about the beneficial properties of black tea.

For example, strong black tea with sugar and milk helps in case of poisoning different degrees, medical drugs, chemicals or alcohol, this combination can reduce the force of impact of radiation. Weak black tea, in turn, will reduce pressure and improve digestion.

Having a broad antibacterial action, black tea promotes rapid healing and greatly facilitates the flow of many diseases.

Everyone knows that regular wiping eyes black tea is able to relieve conjunctivitis and consumption inside can minimize the signs of diarrhea and other digestive disorders.
In the list of properties of black tea is impossible not to mention its antipyretic properties. Black tea combined with raspberries and natural honey in a short time reduces temperature and relieves pain in the throat.

Because of the content in black tea is fluoride, it is perfectly strengthens the enamel, making it more resistant to aggressive components of food. Also black tea is effective for various diseases of the oral cavity, such as stomatitis, periodontitis and others.

For pregnant women.

Black tea, possessing many beneficial properties, useful for pregnant women, but in strictly limited quantities. As mentioned, it contains caffeine that stimulates the nervous system that can affect the health of the mother and baby.

For children.

For children suit children’s special black tea with additives, it into your baby’s diet can introduce from three months. Common black tea should be given in doses, also note on the fortress.
The drink should be a light brown color, definitely weakly brewed. A strong infusion of tea could trigger a violation of the day regimen, trouble sleeping, and nervous system. In addition, black tea is recommended for the child in the morning.

Harmful than black tea

Due to the high percentage of caffeine black tea might affect your health.

This may be expressed in strong agitation, palpitations and heaviness in the heart, it is also possible to insomnia and hyperactivity, headaches and changes in body temperature.

Also, black tea can not drink during exacerbation or acute phase of chronic diseases.

When you can’t drink strong black tea:

A stomach ulcer.
Classic black tea has practically no contraindications.

Harmful black tea will be at:

Black tea useful properties and contraindications
Gastric and duodenal ulcers. In the acidity of the stomach to limit the intake of tea.
Atherosclerosis and hypertension. The main harm from caffeine and theophylline, a stimulant acting on the brain and, consequently, contributing to the narrowing of the blood vessels of the brain. it’s dangerous clots in the brain.
In the case of insomnia. Not recommended due to the exciting action, accelerate blood flow and increase in pulse.

Also, do not drink black tea:

On an empty stomach (it’s bad for the digestive tract).
Too strong (especially in hypertension, stomach ulcers, glaucoma).
For medicine consuming (they will be worse to digest).
In yesterday’s (he not only do not benefit, but harm).
Harmful than green tea? For this kind of tea contraindications:
Insomnia and nervous exhaustion, irritability.
Tachycardia, hypotension (it lowers blood pressure) and hypertension in acute (absolute contraindication).
Chronic diseases (tea can exacerbate the symptoms).
Ulcer of the stomach (increases the acidity).
During pregnancy, menstruation and lactation the use of this tea can be reduced to a minimum.

Drink green tea only on a full stomach, just in the 1st half of the day, and never take them with alcohol (this is a double blow to the kidneys). Also, be careful with the choice of tea. Its main harm – the forgeries in the form of tea bags (they never poured quality tea).

As regards tea and sugar, the main thing is to remember normal use. Is it 50-60 g/day for adults. That is, 10 h/l on the day, including sweets, fruits and other desserts in which it already contains.

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