Charlotte Tilbury, lipstick her supermodel clients can’t live without

90s makeup is having a moment, and we are on board. Whether it’s the youthful placement of blush and kohl, choppy face-framing layers or rich brown undertones in everything from lipstick to eyeshadow, the trend is a welcome excuse to bring back everyday glam.

But just to get this straight – we’re turning back the clock on trends, not technology. Channeling a young Kate Moss or Cindy Crawford is one thing, but having to deal with sticky lipgloss, flaky mascara and forever-fading shadow is not an option. As for matte lipsticks, any experience that draws a parallel with the cinnamon challenge should be left firmly in the past.

That’s where Charlotte Tilbury’s new Matte Revolution Super Nudes, £24 each, come in. Three flattering, neutral tones, inspired by the trademark lip looks of those 90s supermodels, with modern-day formulas that focus on comfort and staying power.

REVIEWER: Rebecca Baio, Freelance writer


I’m blessed with the sallow, slightly yellow skin tone of a half-Italian girl, forced to live in a sun-free climate. Any colour products are introduced with the sole purpose of bringing my complexion back to life, but this is a very delicate process. The wrong shade of bronzer makes me look instantly muddy, 99% of blush stands out like a sore thumb (however skilled and feathery the application), and lipstick either has to be punchy or almost invisible. Nudes are always approached with caution.


So, here’s the thing. I tried a few Charlotte Tilbury matte lipsticks when they first launched, and honestly? I was unimpressed. The product did nothing to address the natural gradient of lip texture, clung to dry patches and was completely repelled from areas with moisture, resulting in an unattractive line of product build-up. But that was then, and this is now. Everyone deserves a second chance – plus, I’m pretty into these new 90s shades.

The ‘Super’ nudes come in three options: Super Sexy – a deep, rich, pinky nude, Super Nineties – a gorgeous warm, chocolatey nude, and Super Model, which sits somewhere in the middle. I went for Super Model (and secretly prayed it would turn me into one).

It wouldn’t be the 90s without lip liner, so I created a pencil border with Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Supersize Me, took a deep breath, and went in with the bullet. No primer involved – I want to see how this lipstick handles my dry, winter-lip situation solo.

So, I’m not sure what sort of sorcery Charlotte Tilbury has dabbled in recently, but this lipstick is actual magic! Yes it’s matte, but it’s the buttery, satiny, second-skin kind of matte that hugs every tiny contour of your lips and somehow feels nourishing at the same time. It doesn’t gather or separate, and that line of build up is absolutely nowhere to be seen.

Three hours and a lunch later, my Matte Revolution Lipstick has faded slightly, but in the way you hope it would – ready for another layer. The top-up is as satisfying as sweep one. It glides on, blends with the remaining lipstick and leaves my lips looking fresh as a daisy.


I talked about my battle with colours before and wasn’t really hoping for much, but this shade is a winner. It has a definite 90s feel, but in soft, wearable kind of way. Pretty sure it makes my teeth look whiter, too. As for texture – good matte formulas are tricky, while great matte nudes lean towards impossible. But this lipstick has absolutely done it. Sorry for ever doubting you, Charlotte!

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