April 24, 2024

Chanel Just Gave Us the Walkable Flats of Our Dreams

For Chanel’s Spring 2020 runway show, Virginie Viard transformed the Grand Palais into an idyllic Parisian rooftop for her first collection for the French fashion house, complete with the quilted chain-strap bags and cap-toe shoes we know and love.

But beyond fresh iterations of iconic flap bags and slingback heels came two new shoe silhouettes for the season: almond-toe ankle-strap flats and pearl-encrusted T-strap sandals with ultrawalkable heels.

While nearly nothing excites us more than practical shoes well-worth investing in (and, yes, we’re all about rationalizing the purchase of any Chanel shoe), the runway also gave way to a couple of electric green bags, which served as a playful offset to the mostly black-and-white accessories (though dashes of red, cursive Chanel chain logos, and the teensiest black box bag also caught our eye).

Ahead, witness our favorite Chanel bags and shoes from the Spring 2020 runway for yourself. We’ll be over here strategizing just how many styles we can splurge on next season.

These are the 5 headband trends we’ll all be wearing this season, according to street style

When it comes to hair trends, you likely know that bleach blonde was huge earlier this year and that the ‘curtain fringe’ is having a real moment right now, but you’re less likely to consider hair accessories in the ‘trending’ space.

You just shove in a bobble when it’s feeling a bit frizzy, and slide on a few hair grips when you’ve gone longer that you’d like to admit between washes. Despite their year-round longevity, however, headbands are proving wildly popular right now.

They’ve been appearing more and more over the last couple of years, but thanks to the street style set over the last four weeks – and four cities – we’re calling it: autumn/winter 2019 will be the headband’s *season*. Even if you’re not a ‘headband person’ (trust us).

Whether you’re into something subtle or one with bells and whistles, there are five trends dominating the headband arena right now that’ll thrill people from either end of the sartorial spectrum…

Over 2,000 of River Island’s super-flattering denim jackets have sold in the last 48 hours… and it’s just been restocked(! )

Puff sleeves have been proving hugely popular for a good few months, and are you surprised? Endlessly flattering, elegant and bang-on-trend, they’re the ultimate statement for those who tend to shy away from anything too punchy.

Up until now, however, it’s stayed relatively within its own comfort zone. White blouses and floral dresses are the home of the puff, so what happened when River Island reinvented it in the form of a £50 denim jacket? Anyone who has kept their finger on the sartorial pulse over the last couple of months will know that the answer to that is an utter shopping frenzy.

Having sold out twice already, the high street giant has just restocked the cult jacket – and it seems the appetite has not yet been quenched with over 2,000 units having already been sold in just 48 hours. Anyone else feel a little panic buy coming on?

Fear not. Let’s take a minute and think it through. Unlike many ‘must-have’ buys that are the pinnacle of fast fashion, this isn’t one of those pieces you get swept up in the excitement of and struggle to find even one outfit your comfortable pairing it with. A denim jacket is timeless. It’s been on-trend since Rachel Green wore one to conquer her fear of swings on Friends circa 2000, and it’ll be on-trend in another twenty years. The puff sleeve just adds a feminine twist on the androgynous staple.

As with any cult piece, influencers cottoned onto the River Island jacket as soon as it first dropped a couple of months ago…

But it’s by no means over… like we said, a denim jacket lasts forever.

You may have to act fast, though. If it’s anything like *that* spotty dress, it will sell out almost immediately at every re-stock.

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