June 21, 2024

Cellulite: moisten the crusts!

Surprising phenomenon: the subject is said, its name is familiar to everyone, but what really cellulite, no one really can not explain. Usually the definition is limited to mentioning the “orange peel”.

Some consider him a disease, but to which doctor to seek help – it is not clear: neither dermatologists, nor endocrinologists, nor physical therapists do not consider cellulite in the understanding of the “orange peel” disease.

Without prevention, the defect will return in a couple of months after the course of therapy

Almost all doctors are sure that cellulite is just a cosmetic defect, and this defectiveness was recognized only in 1973, when an article appeared in the American magazine Vogue describing this supposedly deficiency.

It was then that the word “cellulite” was first used in glossy, which in the medical lexicon (Latin cellula, it – inflammation) means infrequently occurring acute inflammation of the subcutaneous fat caused by microbes and requiring antibiotic treatment. Calling a cosmetic defect with this term was not very correct, but American women with European roots, looking enviously at African-American women with smooth hips, seized on this concept. Thanks to envy, one of the most profitable, but also the most far-fetched flywheels of the cosmetology industry was launched.

The artificiality and profitability lies in the fact that literally all methods of treating cellulite eliminate its external manifestations only for the period of exposure. Without prevention, relapse occurs in 99% of cases two to three months after the course of treatment. That is, the process of combating cellulite is continuous.

By the way, the US doctors, where this problem actually appeared, refused to recognize cellulite as a disease and suggest to women that this is a natural phenomenon that should not be given so much importance.

The only country where cellulite is recognized by the Ministry of Health as a disease of subcutaneous fat is France.

But if you remember that the overwhelming majority of cosmetology laboratories are located in this country, many questions disappear.

Russian doctors mostly agree with Americans, for example, on the site of one of the most famous Russian clinics “On-Clinic” it says that “Fighting cellulite is an artificially created interest. In fact, cellulite is a natural condition of the subcutaneous tissue of women, caused by the influence of female sex hormones.

Where does it come from?

The reason for the change in the fatty layer – a violation of blood circulation, proliferation of connective tissue and the appearance of cells where fat accumulates, water and metabolic products – has not been established. However, some doctors believe that the “orange peel” is a consequence of intoxication of the body, some tend to overabundance of the estrogen hormone, the amount of which increases with age in women. Recently there is an opinion that cellulite is a secondary sexual sign of women of the European race (in Asian women and black women it practically does not occur, but it’s not genetics, but lifestyle and nutrition).

However, it is quite possible to determine the obvious factors that influence the development and progression of cellulite. This is a heredity, improper diet (a significant amount in the diet of animal fats and a small amount of vegetable, an abundance of carbohydrates, the lack of fruits and vegetables, beriberi), sedentary work, sedentary lifestyle, endocrine gland dysfunction and other hormonal disorders, and oral contraceptives, and , traditionally – smoking, alcohol, excessive coffee consumption. By the way, if you do not use coffee, and do masks on the hips of the coffee grounds, then the development of cellulite slows down.

Types of cellulite:

– a small swelling, bumpy changes are visible only when you touch the skin, in the fold – this is the natural state of the female skin: you can start using anti-cellulite creams and eliminate bad habits;
– “orange peel” is visible without pressing, and when exposed to the skin, the tissue is tightened – anti-cellulite creams should be used daily to eliminate the cosmetic defect, in order that the third stage does not develop, it is necessary to undergo a complex treatment and repeat one procedure 1-2 times in month;
– Numerous subcutaneous nodules and indentations, strong edema, connective tissue in the form of cells begins to develop. For treatment 2-3 complex courses for 10-15 procedures and constant prophylaxis are required;
– severe cellulite: numerous large nodules, cavities, areas of hardening, swelling, tenderness, the skin is cold and has a cyanotic shade – a form in which complex treatment can take 1,5-2 years.

Ways of struggle

The stages of struggle include: lymph drainage, a reduction in the volume of the fat layer, getting rid of connective tissue, returning the skin to smoothness.

Creams and lotions. Cosmetic anti-cellulite drugs are aimed primarily at improving metabolism. It is recommended to alternate creams with a thermal effect (warming up) with creams that render the cryoeffect (cooling), accompanying the application of the drug by wrapping problem zones with film. However, without complex treatment in clinics and beauty salons, you can achieve the effect only in the first stage of cellulite.

Mesotherapyis the introduction of vitamin cocktails under the skin, it is used for treatment only in combination with massage, diet and exercise.

Myostimulation– the effect on the muscles of discharges of electric current. It helps to stimulate muscles, it works even with deep muscles. Well reduces the volume of “ears”.

Massage manual– very effective and time-tested anti-cellulite. To achieve the effect, you need to go through 10-15 sessions, the first usually very painful.

Massage apparatus– vacuum, with the help of apparatus LPG (combines vacuum, mechanical massage and vibration) well conducts lymph drainage, painless enough and quickly gives visible results.

In addition, the following methods are used: ozonotherapy, herdotherapy (using leeches), ultrasound, infrared heating, various wraps.

Where and how much?

The fight against cellulite is practiced in virtually all beauty salons of the city, and the prices vary little. The cost of a private massage therapist is cheaper – an average of 350 rubles.

“Lelei” proposes to develop an individual complex of procedures, depending on the stage of cellulite and the volume of the fat layer. The cost of some services: the course on the apparatus LPG (10 procedures + costume) – 6700 rubles, on the only device in the city without a needle (hence, painless) mesotherapy – 2500-3000 rubles for the fact that 70ml nutritious therapeutic cocktail with the help of electrical discharges are introduced on 4 cm deep into the skin. Hand massage costs 650 rubles per session.

In the “Biover-bodi” they offer ozonotherapy (needing ozonized oxygen for the skin) – 1900 rubles for the abdomen and thighs, 1700 rubles for the thighs and buttocks, massage on the apparatus LPG (800 rub. seans + special linen for 900 rubles. ) And myostimulation .

In the “5 elements”, the myostimulation session costs 300-350 rubles, and when buying 10 procedures 10% discount is given.

Studio Fit makes a manual massage on a standard massage cream – 600 rubles per session. If a patient needs special drugs, she brings them herself. Although, according to experts, success by 90% depends on the skill of the masseur, and creams – this is for autosuggestion.

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