Céline Is Selling A $590 Plastic Bag

If you thought bizarrely overpriced, everyday designer items were so 2017, guess again. The latest wildly impractical fashion find is from the likes of Céline, and looks exactly like a plastic shopping bag — save for the hefty price tag.

Is Phoebe Philo trolling us? Maybe. Will people still shop the latest accessory? Probably.

Although the completely see-through bag will set you back close to $600, at $590 it’s actually way more affordable than the majority of leather goods offered up by the fashion house, (which typically retail for around $3,000-$4,000).

The outlandish accessory debuted during the Céline Spring 2018 runway show during Paris Fashion Week, but getting your hands on the latest bag won’t be as simple as strolling into a Céline boutique–in fact, the plastic bags are currently only being offered at the Céline x Nordstrom pop-up shop in Seattle, (which plans to stay open until May 29).

If you do score the plastic tote, it’ll pair perfectly with Moschino’s completely clear, $735 dress that looked like a dry cleaning bag or Balenciaga’s $2,365 car mat skirt.

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