April 20, 2024

Celebrity trainer reveals the EXACT moves he uses to get clients in shape

He’s the trainer Rochelle Humes credited with getting her in shape for her first marathon just a year after giving birth to a her second child.

Now celebrity fitness expert Peter Mac has revealed the training secrets he uses to whip stars into shape, whatever their goals.

From helping Katie Piper to regain her pre-pregnancy abs to building muscle with Marvin Humes, the London-based trainer has shared the exact training regime and food swaps he gave his high profile clients.

London-based personal trainer Peter Mac got Rochelle Humes in shape for her first marathon just a year after giving birth to her second child


The goal

Recently I’ve have been working with Rochelle on her marathon training. I would say one of Rochelle’s main goals to gain better stamina.

The fitness plan

It was important to do a lot of running and long distance was key. Together we ran 12 miles, 10 miles, 3k, 5k, and sometimes jog around the parks where she lives.

We also incorporated a lot of gym workouts at the gym – this involved squats, planks, and weights.

As Rochelle was doing a lot more running than usual, we needed to make sure she didn’t get injured so we also stretched a lot – predominately lunges.

Rochelle also did Pilates, not with me, but to help her also maintain core strength and body strength.

The mother-of-two enlisted Peter as her post-pregnancy personal trainer

A combination of distance running to build stamina, gym workouts and Pilates helped Rochelle get marathon ready


The goal

Marvin wanted to be bigger physically and stronger and wanted to gain muscle.

The workout

We did a lot split routine workouts which involves working on every muscle per workout. Every session I did with Marvin would start with pullups and bips for the chest (this is a back exercise).

I trained with Marvin every day of the week except Thursdays.

On Mondays we usually focused on shoulders and did shoulder presses and lat raises. Tuesday again we focused on back exercises.

Wednesdays focused on strengthening and building arm muscles by doing bicep curls, hamper curls, isolation bisets and triset dips.

Friday we focused on his chest – incline chest presses, flat bench exercises. All these are perfect because they hit the chest from every angle.

Marvin was comfortable with his body before and thought he looked good before I trained with him, but when he looked at the new pictures I took of him he was shocked. The results were pretty impressive after a month.

Within just a month, Marvin was able to chisel his physique and gain muscle


The goal

Katie wanted to tone up overall, but predominately focus on toning up her stomach.

The workout

I trained Katie for four months before she gave birth to her second child and did a lot of workouts at her home.

We did a lot of ab roller – this is the exercise that after just rep two or three you automatically start to feel the benefits. We did around ten preps for three sets with Katie.

I also did a lot of leg raises to tone up stomach muscles too – we did ten preps with three sets.

We also focused on Katie’s legs and she was keen to tone these up too, so we did a lot of leg raises which also helped to tone up her stomach muscles. We did fifteen preps for three sets.

We trained twice a week and when Katie didn’t have time to train, she used to run between stations to meetings.

Busy mother-of-two Katie Piper did a lot of workouts with Peter in the comfort of her own home


The goal

An overall toned body and to look leaner and stronger than he did because he wanted to feel better about himself.

The workout

We did a lot of body weight training which involved pull ups and lots of running drills. We focused on hill sprints, five around three times a week.

We also did HIIT classes on Sunday which are really good for weight training. There are lots of physical benefits to doing HIIT classes in the heat.

Being in a heated room whilst doing exercises helps to boost your fitness and of course burn fat.

After three months of this repetitive training with Reggie he noticed the results and a big change in his physical appearance, which he was really happy with and is still keeping up the training now.

Reggie Yates did HIIT training in a heated room in order to look leaner and stronger


The goal

At the time I was training Giovanna, she was really keen on her upper body strength because she was training for a charity treak across Oman.

The workout

We trained for six to seven months and we trained most days in the week. We did a lot of boxing and she was actually really good at it.

We did boxing twice a week and we would incorporate this into each session we did together and each session would last one hour.

In addition to this, we did lots of push ups and core twisting and Russian twists. I was actually the first person to get her to do her first proper push up, which means not allowing knees to touch the floor. I am a massive advocate for this.

Originally she could only do this on her knees, but I actually don’t allow anyone I train to do this, it’s my rule.

Giovanna Fletchers wanted to build up her strength ahead of a charity treck in Oman


Although nutrition is important I don’t ask my clients to go on strict diets because there are little things you can swap or incorporate into your diet easily.

For example, I recommend swapping white potato for sweet potato with Marvin.

However, I would recommend that my clients post-workout do have white rice instead of brown rice with protein because it’s a fast burning carb and helps to build and maintain muscle. I always tell my clients to not have carbs at night though.

As a personal trainer, I always keep a handful of almonds close by when training clients as a key energy source for us both when we’re working out and need some protein

Peter Mac wants people to say yes to snacking with California Almonds

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