Celebrity Manicurist Michelle Saunders On How To Keep Nails Looking Fresh This Winter

Thankfully, Michelle Saunders, an Essie celebrity manicurist who has worked on Kate Beckinsale and Mandy Moore, helped us decipher the world of winter nails to come up with this handy guide to the best nail trends, along with tips on how we can keep them at their healthiest this winter.

While it’s easy to let your self-care routine get buried in the metaphorical snow during the winter (see: leg shaving), don’t let your nails join the frozen and forgotten.

I get it, some of us are just forever Lilacism girls and if it’s deemed “too summer-y” we’d rather forego the polish altogether than try and think up what colors are actually seasonal.

On Trends

Saunders says she is really loving a bit of vintage charm this season. Teal, fuchsia, maroon, and gold are all colors you’ll be seeing on her clients. Have a fancy holiday party to go to? Saunders picks “a bright, shimmery, cheery, cherry red,” like Essie’s new “be cherry” from the Winter 2017 collection. Staying low key for the day? Try a few coats of winter white with a touch of beige and sheen.

If you’ve finally gotten used to your fall palette, it may be tough for you to make the switch to winter but fret not! It’s easy: “Fall colors tend to be warmer whereas winter tones tend to be cooler,” Saunders notes. “So instead of an orangey-red go for a purpley-maroon.” That seems simple enough, now doesn’t it?

If all of that is still too complicated for you, here’s the ultimate pro tip: “The best way to find your nail color scheme is to look in your closet! Whatever sweater, scarf and accessory color you are drawn to, wear it on your nails!”

On Nail Health

Saunders says while dip powder manicures are definitely having a moment, they’re not really a healthy way to treat your nails as they make use of pigment powder and adhesive. Because of its longevity, she suggests gel if you plan on doing a lot of traveling. “Alternatively, you can always find a long-wear nail polish like Essie’s gel couture.”

“You may need a few more manicures than usual during winter months based on the amount of activity your hands are doing,” Saunders says. “It’s colder out and nails can take a beating!” To combat this inevitable crackage, try switching over to a thicker hand cream, apply cuticle oil regularly, and if you’re somewhere with extreme weather make sure you’re wearing gloves. Her personal tip is to add two top coats to help keep them looking fresh just a bit longer.

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