Celebrities who are banned from other countries for the craziest reasons

But these celebs managed to get banished from entire nations. Which is no small feat. These famous people blew right past the shenanigans and got into some straight up Tom Foolery. We respect it. But some were just banned because the country is a backwards Land of Suck. And in those cases, fuck going there anyway.

Paris Hilton – Japan

Paris Hilton was busted for drug possession in Las Vegas. Afterwards, Japan refused to let her in to promote her new perfume.

Beyonce – Malaysia

Beyonce is banned from performing or even entering Malaysia due to the strict Muslim leadership. Good call, Malaysia. Beyonce shakes her ass onstage and next thing you know, Malaysian women are gonna start flashing ankles all willy-nilly, which is a slippery slope to equal rights.

Snoop Dogg – Norway

Snoop Dogg got caught with marijuana at an airport in Norway and was banned for two years. I think that’s why he became a Rastafarian and changed his name to Snoop Lion for a while. So he could just write it off as “religious materials.”

Sasha Baron Cohen – Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan was not pleased with Sasha Baron Cohen turning their country into a punchline with his movie Borat. He was banned from the country for a long time.

But they eventually came around once they saw the “funny side of the film.” He is now free to enter the country again.

Miley Cyrus – China

Cyrus was permanently banned from performing or entering China after a video surfaced of her pulling her eyes back in an offensive way.

The Beatles – Philippines

While The Beatles were in the nation for a concert, First Lady Imelda Marcos invited them to her palace for brunch. When they declined, she did not handle the rejection lightly. Neither did the rest of the Philippines: a large mob attacked the Fab Four as they boarded their plane home.

Brad Pitt – China

Pitt was banned from China for 15 years following the release of the movie Seven Years In Tibet, which he starred in. The movie, which follows a man living alongside a young Dalai Lama, portrayed China in an extremely negative light.

Akon – Sri Lanka

Akon was banned from Sri Lanka after the release of the music video for “Sexy Chick”, which featured women in bikinis “defiling” a statue of Buddha.

Alex Baldwin – The Philippines

Baldwin put on the nation’s blacklist after making an insensitive joke during an interview with David Letterman. He joked about using a “Filipino mail-order bride” to have more children.

50 Cent – Canada

Canada decided Fiddy just wasn’t wholesome enough for their listeners. They banned him due to his lengthy criminal record as well as the “promotion of gun violence” in his music.

Lady Gaga – Indonesia

The singer is known for wearing insane and revealing dresses, including the infamous dress made out of raw meat. The Muslim-majority nation decided she was too much for their citizens and has barred her from entering.

Selena Gomez – Russia

Gomez is banned from Russia for her outspoken support of Gay Rights as well as the Russian feminist singing group Pussy Riot.

Chris Brown – Great Britain, Canada, and Australia

In his apparent quest to ban himself from every first world country, Chris Brown has made an impressive number of blacklists. The bans were only temporary, however, and followed his physical assault on Rihanna.

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