Cat’s claws are a thing of the past

Sharp, long, embroidered with rhinestones and spangled with glitter naroshchennye nails have long been a reason for jokes on the subject of pseudo-glamor. But strong nails do not become urban women, and the requirements for keeping the hands well are not reduced. 

A beautiful manicure is necessary in everyday life, like clean hair. The latest innovations in the nyl-industry, how to take care of the hands at home and how appropriate the decor on the nails, says director of the studio manicure Stylish Irina Kochergina.

Interview about the trends in the nyl-industry: in fashion, naturalness, relevance and elegance

What manicure procedure is now particularly popular and in demand?

As before – nail extensions, but in this industry there are new methods. In the fashion world, including in the nyl-industry, the latest trends proclaim naturalness. However, do not think that the naturalness of manicure excludes artificial nails. The Western world still prefers building up, if only because it is less troublesome – the salon can be visited once a month. So, in connection with the latest trends, the most relevant type of nail modeling for today is considered to be creations. It allows you to make the appearance of artificial nails as natural as possible. Besides, not all of them have the right nail shape, and this kind of build-up allows to lengthen the nail plate, make a V-shaped so-called nail smile and choose the ideal color for the nails, suitable for the color of the skin of the hands. The tip of the nail is made either naturally white

How much is the cost of creations? 

About two thousand rubles. This is a little more expensive than the usual modeling, but the feature of this method allows the nails to keep the groomed look longer due to the fact that when the natural nail is grown, the artificial border is not visible.

What are the latest trends in design? 

Customers increasingly prefer a short, elegant natural nail. The feline claws with a bright design go away, so long that they are noticeable from a distance – these nails are growing.

Building is good only because you can improve the shape of the nail? Returning to the fashion for naturalness, would not it be easier to grow your own, natural, nails?

I am sure that if you now throw a call – let’s grow your nails, then 80% of women simply can not do it. Stresses, ecology, the rhythm of life, an abundance of household chemicals, to which one way or another touch, make the nails weak and brittle. The nail plate is heavily influenced by the external environment, and modeling is the best way to protect it. It will not spoil, but on the contrary protects the nail. Under the artificial surface of the nails become stronger, stronger. For example, we wear gloves when we are going to work with harmful household products?

So, an artificial coating – it’s durable gloves. The myth about the harm of buildup is based on the masters’ wrong work, aggressive nail removal, violation of the simplest rules of hygiene and the technology of modeling.

In accredited salons, nails not only will not spoil, they are guaranteed to be better.

What is the danger of unprofessional growth? 

Not to mention that such assortment as in the salon, at home will not be offered, I will only say that, saving on salon modeling, customers risk their health. The layman saves on the means of antiseptics and processing, the risk of getting is not HIV or hepatitis, but the fungus is large enough. In the market of modeling materials, there are cheap, non-certified drugs of very doubtful quality, and it is quite possible that they are the ones that are bought from the savings for home build-up. In addition, quality is guaranteed in the salon. And if within a week the client broke a fingernail or some defects of a manicure appeared, the masters correct errors for free.

Let’s talk about how to care for your nails after building. 

As a rule, artificial materials work well on the skin and often do not coarsen when they are worn. So it is enough to care for the skin of the hands: moisturizing, nutrition, peeling. In general, at home you should take care of your nails – this will allow you to wear artificial nails longer. The work of the master plus the participation of the client makes wearing artificial nails comfortable and enjoyable.

What kind of manicure is recommended at home?

All individually: for example, the now popular European is not suitable for people with a very dry, tightly pressed cuticle – it can injure the skin. Home manicure can be made easier with nail oil Solar oil. According to In Style magazine research, this is the most popular and effective means for nail care in the world.

Regularly, once a day, apply oil to the nail – and the cuticle will not grow and require additional processing, burrs will not appear, there will be no dryness and cracks. 

It is impossible to clean the cuticles at all – this is the protective barrier of the nail plate, but some hands require regular salon hygienic trimmed manicure.

Is it possible to do an edging manicure at home? 

I would not advise. Better to entrust it to professionals. Even if you are good at cutting the cuticle, in any case it is impossible to sterilize the instruments at home – usually tweezers are lying in the cosmetic bag, they are washed at best with running water. Of course, you can hardly get infected with especially dangerous diseases at home, but no one will protect you from a banal staphylococcal infection – a microscopic wound is enough to get panaricium, panariches and other unpleasant nail inflammations that end with a surgeon’s visit.

If the nails are still, despite the ecology, healthy and beautiful, can they not be protected in any way?

Youth and health, unfortunately, always go away, and we need to prepare for this in advance, “from the youthful nails.” Now the ecology is such that it is simply impossible not to protect the nails. We use sunscreen in the summer, a protective cream in the winter, we cover our hair, we soften the skin with our cream. And nails are the appendages of the skin that need protection. In the summer – protection from ultraviolet by special coatings. In winter, use special nutrient coatings. Healthy nails enough transparent coating with the effect of wet nails. Layering, brittle require more serious preparations.

Finally, please tell us about what nail polish shades are now popular.

In the afternoon, as we have already said, these are natural colors – pink, beige, French manicure, short length. In the evening you can use bright varnish, even extravagant, decorating nails. In the evening, it is appropriate, in the daytime in the working environment – no. Therefore, going to the modeling of nails, it is worthwhile to think about that the bright decor will have to be worn in the afternoon. Will this really embellish you?

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