May 18, 2024

Caroline Flack’s Mother Condemns Jeremy Clarkson’s Meghan Markle Article

Caroline Flack’s mother has condemned Jeremy Clarkson’s article in The Sun, in which he writes about how much he “hates” the Duchess of Sussex “on a cellular level. ”

The piece, which has since provoked a fierce public backlash, was condemned by Christine Flack who said it made her feel “so upset again” and compared it to the negative press received by her daughter, who committed suicide in February 2020.

Christine Flack was a guest on the LBC’s Monday afternoon show and spoke to host Shelagh Fogarty about Clarkson’s controversial piece where which saw him pen that he “dreamed” of the day Meghan would be publicly humiliated with “excrement” thrown at her and asked how a piece like this could be published about someone who might be “fragile. »

She told Shelgah: «We shouldn’t just be able to say awful things” and said Clarkson’s comments “Fire up other people that aren’t nice… or dangerous. . «they get on the bandwagon don’t they,»

She added: “We all sit there and say ‘we don’t like them or we don’t like that, but you don’t write an article about it — would you? ”

It comes after the release of the final episodes of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s Netflix documentary, Harry and Meghan in which Meghan spoke openly about receiving death threats, which she said were stirred up by negative reports in the British press.

After Caroline’s Flack’s death, the media faced scrutiny for the amount of negative publicity focused on her. Flack’s mother said her daughter had struggled with poor mental health and the negative press only added to it.

On Clarkson’s comments that he had «fantasised» about the humiliation of Meghan Markle, Christine said it has «upset her so much that Jeremy Clarkson was not only allowed to think that but to put it in print».

«We don’t know whether she is fragile or not. ” She added: “My daughter was Caroline Flack and what was reported in the paper — so much of it was untrue. »

Christine said: “I can see even though Meghan and Harry have got all that money. . . even they said, if they can’t win, how can anyone else win? Someone like Jeremy Clarkson can just say what he wants, but it gets printed, that’s the worst thing. ”

Shelagh commented: «People have told me ‘it’s just words, it’s just words’ but words really made Caroline suffer. »

Christine replied: “Carrie Caroline had the most awful threats over things that were written in the paper. That picture with all her blood on the front of The Sun was let it be known that it was her boyfriend’s and it wasn’t, it was Carrie’s! And it’s never been corrected. ”

Christine added: “They don’t learn do they Shelagh? When you see some of those headlines. . people are going to be so hard up this Christmas and they are still worried about writing something awful about Meghan, I don’t get it. »

Following outrage for his comments, including from his own daughter Emily Clarkson, Clarkson tweeted that he made a “clumsy reference to a scene in Game of Thrones” and promised to be “more careful in future. ”

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