May 25, 2024

Can’t forget short novel that was four years ago

Four years ago I started to meet with a young man suffering from unrequited love for another. Special feelings to the new guy was not. In the beginning I weighed too much attention on his part. In addition, he wanted sex and I wasn’t ready.

Не могу забыть короткий роман, который был четыре года назад

We were both innocent, I wanted to save myself for a truly beloved man. As a result, he cheated on me. Then he wrote on social networks that he wants to leave, admitted the affair. But at this point I realized that I loved him, unrequited love immediately forgotten. It hurt that my “clean” the boy gave her virginity to that it is hardly appreciated.

We only dated for two months, the remaining time for four years has demonstrated that care about each other. I offered to come, he didn’t, then Vice versa. Now don’t believe something can happen. But memories of this novel go. I’m Dating other men, and live past relationship.

Natalia, 22 years

You started Dating a young man, not free of feelings for another man. And the excessive attention of one gentleman, when your thoughts are quite different, annoying. It was quite a natural reaction. Perhaps the inexperience you have entered into a new relationship, expecting them to effect healing, liberation from suffering unrequited love.

In the end, rejected began to feel a young man, the relationship which you took the role of “band-aid” on your unhealed emotional wound. His intensity and desire to get a proof of your affection in such a situation is understandable. Not getting the emotional response he wanted to get at least a response body. Probably for him, neither own nor your virginity was not so important. And then, this is it for you was not “truly loved”, it all could have been different. For him, the situation looked this way: you are cold emotionally and not ready to share his first sexual experience. He felt rejected on all counts, therefore, began to seek confirmation of its appeal elsewhere. You can see how there is a growing range of injured these relationships-“patches” of people?

Of course, to report that the relationship is over via social media – not the gentle way of communicating with that which you achieved yesterday. But you both cared little about the feelings of each other, everyone was busy with themselves. When you got the news, it strengthened your trauma. Perhaps only in the period you have given yourself the opportunity to really discover the full depth of pain, loneliness and disappointments of the first unrequited love.

For four years you have been together a sort of fallback, remembered each other when I felt lonely. Your anxiety is understandable, this relationship really worth leaving in the past. You need to look directly at the person with whom you now no ghosts and shadows that prevent good to see someone in front of you.

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