June 17, 2024

Can’t bear to see people of other nationalities

When I see somewhere people of other nationalities, I internally can’t leave it unattended. I immediately feel a sense of pride for what I don’t like them, I’m Russian. It makes me a Nazi? I would not want to think about yourself.

Dmitriy, 24 years

Hello, Dmitry! Tell me, is the feeling of you covers equally, when you look at the people of all nationalities? For example, when you walk through the streets of Paris, I am glad that you are not French and do you speak Russian? Or in London? If not, then it’s not Nazism, but a manifestation of pride in belonging to his people.

Not Nazism it when something you just quietly think to myself. Little did we think? You never know what we support your self-esteem? Some good and stereotypical views about people of other nationalities, different skin color, eye shape or religion.

Nazism is a specific phenomena, actions and statements, which are directly aimed to the feelings of others.

You write that I can’t bear to look at people of other nationalities. What does it mean? You feel superior? What is it based? Think about it as objectively as possible.

Не могу, спокойно смотреть, на людей, другой национальности

Do you think that affected and affects your relationship to others? As far as what you feel based on your own experiences? How wide is your knowledge about other people? Did you ever that some people actually “worse” than you? Would you like to have your children in some way adopted the same attitude to people of a different culture?

I wish you to understand yourself and discover how strikingly similar all people are. I think once your sense of pride in themselves will be based only on their actual accomplishments and talents, and nothing else.

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