Can You Remember Life Before the Internet? Let’s Refresh Your Memory

What a quaint time it was before the internet was invented decades ago. Though we currently think of the internet and modern technology as commonplace staples of our everyday lives, a new Twitter hashtag is asking people to recall or imagine what life was like before the internet existed.

Certain things, of course, were better. For example, people could have dinners free of any smartphone interruptions or distractions. On the other hand, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the millions of adorable puppy videos that bring us joy.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up some of the funniest responses to #BeforeTheInternetExisted.

Well, first of all, this hashtag wouldn’t even be possible.
Showing off your vacation photos was much more difficult.
Swiping right on a potential suitor would make zero sense.
You couldn’t just stare at your phones if the conversation hit a lull.
These are still the only kind of trolls we like to acknowledge.
Your parent sending you to your room was the worst.
You were OK not knowing everything.
The president couldn’t tweet grammar mistakes.
You could only argue with people you actually knew.
Memorizing phone numbers, addresses, and so much more was absolutely necessary.
We kinda miss life before the internet.

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