May 18, 2024

Can a tanning facial serum really provide superior skincare?

If this all sounds like your kind of party, you’re really going to like this latest innovation. St. Tropez Self Tan Purity Vitamins Bronzing Water Face Serum earns the right to call itself a serum.

It’s where tanning meets skincare. The silky tanning serum is completely clear and free from potentially pore-clogging pigments. Instead, it’s supercharged with 95% natural ingredients.

It’s not just you. We’re all a bit jumpy about the idea of using self tan on our faces. Previous experimentations with layering thick, treacle-textured potions on our skin have taught us better. After all, there’s no point in having a beautifully bronzed complexion if underneath, we’ve aggravated our skin.

But what if there were no trade-off? What if, rather than simply avoiding breakouts, a tanning serum could actively improve the health as well as the appearance of our skin, through skin quenching ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and vitamin C and D boosters? What if there was an easy step we could weave into our regular routines to ensure our faces looked fresh, glowy and Zoom-ready without even a hint of tinted moisturiser in the morning?

Vitamin-D enriched avocado oil and the brand’s ground-breaking Sunshine Complex technology (which helps to activate vitamin D stores in the skin) give our complexion a dose of the sunshine it’s been missing during lockdown. Refreshing green mandarin water and hibiscus flower perk up tired-looking skin with a combination of antioxidants that also double-up to neutralise environmental aggressors such as pollution, (although you’ll still need SPF).

A next-gen blend of low molecular and high molecular hyaluronic acid enables the formula to deeply quench thirsty skin for up to 72 hours, while potent vitamin C brightens for an even glowier complexion. More than enough, then, to impress savvy skintellectuals.

It provides skin with a healthy, hydrated canvas that’ll ensure any bronzing action is smooth, streak-free and beautifully even, so you can look sun-kissed and glorious on your conference call – even if you’re wearing yesterday’s trackie bums below the camera.

Self Tan Purity Vitamins Bronzing Water Face Serum, £22

The best part? It’s low maintenance, foolproof and fits into everyday routines breezily. It can reduce the number of products you’re using and streamline your routine, because *bonus* – there’s no need for a separate serum or hyaluronic acid with this product, which makes it perfect for minimal effort and pulling back on your skincare spend.

The pump nozzle distributes the transparent formula into palms, where you can apply it straight onto dry, clean skin and leave it to do its thing (you don’t need to rinse it off). Or, if you want a slightly lighter bronze, you can add it to your moisturiser and leave to sink in during the day or overnight.

It smells uplifting and tropical, works like a charm, fades evenly over several days and gives the most natural-looking, sun-kissed glow with very little legwork. No summer holiday? No problem.

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