April 20, 2024

Camila Cabello just admitted that her incredible curls came from a perm

In a new interview withRefinery29, Cabello admits that, despite her curls looking totally natural, they’re not. No, they don’t come from a curling iron – it’s something quite a bit longer-lasting than that.

Camila Cabello recently stepped off her very first Paris Fashion Week runway, having walked in the L’Oréal Paris Le Défilé fashion show as one of the brand’s famous ambassador faces.

In it, she was seen wearing her super-long hair in a windswept, straight style – a departure from the incredible curls she’s been wearing so often recently. And if you’re anything like me, you assumed that those curls are what naturally grows out of the vocalist’s head, enhanced only by a little professional styling and product help for definition. But it turns out, if you’re anything like me, you were wrong.

“I got a perm, and I’ve never felt more confident,” Cabello told Refinery29. “I actually have straight hair, but I’ve always wanted curls. ”

Amazing, right? And you have to admit, your shock can probably be at least partially blamed on the unfair reputation that perms have, conjuring memories of crunchy, crimped ’80s hairstyles. But if celebrities like Cabello and Julianne Hough are any evidence, the salon service has come a very long way, creating incredibly natural-looking and truly enviable curls and waves.

Cabello also shared some great styling advice for anyone with curls similar to hers, whether natural or due to a perm: basically do as little as possible. “I shampoo, condition, use a curl balm, then I just let my hair air-dry,” she told Refinery29. “I never use irons or anything. My trick is to tuck my bangs behind my ears so they get a soft shape and do that whole curtain thing. Like the curls, I feel like myself with my bangs – they just frame my face so well. ”

She’s not wrong. And luckily, even with her perm, if she ever feels like wearing her hair straight like in the L’Oréal’s Le Défilé fashion show – and her entire life up until the perm – it’s just a flatiron away.

This 14-Year-Old’s “Dream a Little Dream” Cover Reminds The Voice Judges of Michael Bublé

Preston C. Howell is only 14 years old, but his musical influences are timeless. The teen from Miami, FL wowed judges John Legend during Tuesday night’s episode with his smooth cover of “Dream a Little Dream” by The Mamas and The Papas. Howell earned a four-chair turn from the musicians, who couldn’t believe his age after hearing his mature voice.

“You’re either born with that or you’re not,” Shelton said.

“You were born with that not very long ago! ” Shelton proceeded to drop some names and told Howell he’s worked with Michael Bublé, one of Howell’s musical heroes. Clarkson jumped in and told Howell she could also get him in contact with Bublé, saying “I have his number too. ” So, who did he pick? Well, Preston stayed true to his jazz roots and picked John Legend’s team. We can’t wait to hear more from him this season!

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