April 17, 2024

Camila Cabello Doesn’t Like Dating Apps Because She Feels Like People Could Be “Using” Her

Camila Cabello is being pretty candid about her dating life, specifically opening up about how rough the dating scene is.

While guest appearing on The Drew Barrymore Show, the singer and The Voice coach revealed that she’s looking or love, and even tried her hand at dating apps — but only for an alarmingly short amount of time.

“I was on a dating app for like 24 hours, then I left,” Camila told host Drew Barrymore. “Why did it make you run away? ” Drew asked in response. Camila then spoke about the struggles she faces as a celebrity, pointing out that dating as a public figure comes with a much larger emphasis on privacy, boundaries, and personal “vetting. ”

«The first guy that DM’d me was like an aspiring singer-songwriter from Nashville and I was just like… I feel weird cause somebody could be using me,» Camila explained. “You don’t know their intentions. ”

Dating apps might not be the right environment for Camila to meet a potential partner, as the Familia singer explained that she prefers a more organic first meeting. According to Camila, she’s a more friends-to-lovers, not strangers-to-lovers kind of girl.

“When you are just trying to make friends, you’re gonna meet guys that are vetted by your friends, which is amazing,” she continued.

Even though Camila deleted her dating apps in only one day, earlier this summer she was romantically linked to Austin Kevitch — who, hilariously, co-founded his own exclusive dating app called Lox Club, geared towards Jewish singles. Per E! News, the couple was first spotted together back in June, then seen out and about holding hands and kissing in Santa Monica in August.

Last November, Camila Cabello and ex-boyfriend Shawn Mendes announced their split in a public letter posted to Instagram. The couple had been together for two years. In the message to fans, Camila and Shawn explained that their high-profile relationship had ended amicably, and there was only love between them.

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