Burger King Made Mac and Cheese-Filled Cheetos And They Look Weirdly Good

Worlds will collide on November 30 with the launch of Flamin’ Hot Mac n’ Cheetos. This portable snack, one that we could have only imagined in our cheesiest dreams, has been conceived by the brilliant minds of Burger King and Cheetos, and we can’t wait to give them a try.

This launch is following in the very successful footsteps of Mac n’ Cheetos, which were introduced as a limited-release menu item in June 2016. For this next round of goodness, just imagine all the gooeyness of mac n’ cheese rolled around in a ton of Flamin’ Hot crunch.

Well, we’re not not into it. After all, if Chester Cheetah is on board, we’re following suit. Plus, the fast-food chain has introduced us to new and delicious treats like cereal milkshakes, so at this point, we trust any collaboration they put on their menu.

And while it’s definitely not vegan like the new McVegan sandwich, we think it might be worth the dairy.

For a limited time, an order of five will be available to order at participating franchises for $2.69.

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