Bryan Baeumler’s 8 Kitchen Renovation Rules

Considering a kitchen renovation? Don’t swing a sledgehammer until you’ve consulted Bryan Baeumler’s rules for a (relatively) painless reno.

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Bryan Baeumler’s final kitchen renovation… For now!

There always seems to be something to renovate at Bryan and Sarah Baeumler’s house. Although the family’s dream home seemed to be complete, the latest season of House of Bryan saw the couple tackling two new projects: a treehouse and chicken coop. There is, however an audible sigh of relief from both when asked whether or not a kitchen renovation is involved. “The kitchen is done,” Bryan states firmly – although one gets the impression from this serial renovator that there’s an unspoken “…for now” hanging in the air. Why the sense of relief? It’s likely down to the fact that Bryan’s worked on an estimated 250 kitchen makeovers over the course of his career. It’s a number that makes this contractor uniquely qualified to lay the ground rules for a successful kitchen renovation.

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