Brooklinen Bath Towels Review: Soft, Fluffy, and Affordable

We love a lot of things about Brooklinen: their sheets, their sales, and their marketing emails (to name a few). Now at the top of the list: their first-ever line of bath towels, the Super-Plus Collection, which just launched today!

True to their extremely enticing name, these 100% combed Turkish cotton beauts are “the densest towels on the market” according to Brooklinen, clocking in at nearly two pounds of fluff apiece.

That is, just heavy enough to feel luxurious without weighing you down.

Choose from white, putty, smoke, and graphite.

Also: They’re SO SOFT. This is not a towel that has to be washed 100 times before you want to cuddle up in it. (Apparently that’s part of the deal when you work with “premium, combed, long-staple” Turkish cotton, which Brooklinen considers the finest fibers available.) Crafted with a special “z twist” terrycloth weave that will help them stay as fluffy as the day they got them, they kind of bounce back at you when you press on them. It’s extremely satisfying.

As are their sizes: A standard bath towel from Brooklinen is a few inches larger than what’s on the market, and you can also opt for a bath sheet if you really want to swaddle your body. There are also hand towels, washcloths, and bath mats, for a totally unified bathroom look.

Brooklinen’s plush power versus a standard bath towel.

Towel sets start at $69, and you can choose from white, putty, smoke, and graphite colorways. Mixing and matching strongly encouraged – one smoke set and one graphite set will fill you with joy when you fling open your linen closet (read: towel bin under the bed) in the morning!

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