July 18, 2024

Brighten up your interiors, with Pantone’s colour of the year for 2021

Although it’s not the first time these global tastemakers have chosen two colours (in 2016 they chose both Serenity and Rose Quartz), the upcoming years’ duo choices seem particularly significant.

Drum Roll – 17-5104 Ultimate Grayand13-0647 Illuminatinghave been chosen to express the mood for the year ahead – and since we all have very high hopes for what’s to come in 2021 (no pressure), they seemveryfitting. Whilst the colours might be on two opposite ends of the spectrum (both literally and figuratively) they both are brightening and uplifting shades.

If you’re looking to 2021 to be a fresh start after the disaster that was 2020 (who isn’t), Pantone has just announced their Colour of the Year for 2021. Spoiler alert – it’s actually two colours – which will be taking over from this year’s classic blue hue.

And whilst this past year has shown us that no one can predict what the next 12 months will bring us (unfortunately not even the stylish trend forecasters at Pantone), the two shades chosen are just the shot of positivity our mental health (and of course, our interiors) need right now.

Ultimate Grey is – you guessed it – a classic grey tone, that signifies the solid and dependable elements of life, encouraging feelings of steadiness and resilience. Illuminating, on the other hand, is a warming, bright yellow – exactly the shade we all need more of in our lives right now. The symbolism behind this colour choice couldn’t be more clear – it’s about imbuing us with energy and clarity with its cheerful shade.

Wow. Who would’ve thought two paint colours could so accurately depict *all the feels* for 2021? Whether you’ve been suffering from WFH burnout, the loneliness brought on by the past two lockdowns or just find yourself drained by the Coronacoaster of the past 9 months, we could all use a little of the “message of positivity supported by fortitude” that these colours bring. And with us spending more time at home than ever before, where better to start than by introducing these hues than into your interiors?

We’re not talking an extreme home make-over here, but just a few Illuminating-toned pieces in your home like this John Lewis printed cushion, this sunshine-in-a-frame print or this trinket dish, will instantly brighten the space – and lift your mood.

And if you’re feeling the chaos of the world is all too much, calming Ultimate Grey homewares are just the grounding tone your space needs, like this cozy cashmere throw, this glass lamp or this minimalist candle.

Not to mention these colours are complementary so if you can’t decide which influence your home needs more, reversible bed sheets and this printed canvas combine these two trend-setting shades.

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