May 20, 2024

Bright eye makeup for Halloween

Parelive sequin, black shadows and tears-style drama queen, a senior editor at BeautyHack Anastasia Speranskaya bright eye makeup for a party by means of the categories “Lux” and available segment. Is there a difference?

Кремовые тени EyeStudio Color Tattoo 24hr, оттенок Timeless Black, Maybelline New York

Makeup on Halloween, when you are slightly over 25, is pretty meticulous. On the one hand, smeared makeup from the nearest supermarket, but it is much better to skillfully use bright makeup in new ways.

Even if you don’t celebrate Halloween, take this image note for theme parties – as if to erase the dramatic tears, it’s just bright makeup in the style of grunge, but with a glamorous twist sequin below the threshold all proudly say: “Shine bright like a diamond! ”

Perhaps the hardest part of this makeover – feather black as pitch, cream shadows. Fortunately, budget and luxury option with this challenge on “five”. So with the thought “feather is the best cardio” arm fluffy brush (my choice search for here) and worked out the fold of the upper eyelid.

Яркий макияж глаз на Хэллоуин

Eye shadow EyeStudio Color Tattoo 24hr, shade of Timeless Black, Maybelline New York

Makeup artist Alena Moiseeva admits – eye shadow Color Tattoo by Maybelline New York is in the makeup bag of every beauty guru, not only in Russia. Why? They are water-resistant (read “persistent”), easy to apply with your finger tip and give the pigment of the first layer. To evenly distribute the black matte shadow to century, time enough: a means of “freezes” immediately, but then dealing with it will, perhaps, only hydrophilic oil or oily lotion.

Liquid eye shadow Acqua Tokyo Gardens Eye Tint, the shade of Night, Giorgio Armani

Black cream shadow in “luxury” are not as common and unique collection of Tokyo Gardens from Giorgio Armani. Shade Night is the night encased in a bottle. Formula with a million small jets easily enables you to create the same smoky makeup, and despite the fact that the consistency is more liquid when shading the result is almost the same. And the presence of the glitter does not bother me – the glitter in make-up will in any case be present. Durability – excellent, no shadows creep in the crease and hold on to the victory.

Водостойкий карандаш для глаз Scandal Eyes Kohl Kajal, оттенок Black, Rimmel London

Pencil in this makeup plays a subtle but very important role – they we sum up the mucosa of the upper eyelid and draw a little migracyjne space for more drama. If you worried that black pencil on the eye will make eyes in slits, limit yourself to only the upper eyelid like I did. That is why have proven water resistant means that will not be treacherous to print in the course of the day.

Waterproof eyeliner Scandal Eyes Kohl Kajal, shade Black, Rimmel London

If you shudder hold the pencil to your eye, ready to cry a sea of tears, look at the pencil from Rimmel London. It is very soft, like gel, and easily slips on the mucosa, and therefore suitable even for sensitive eyes. But it is important to note, “tested by dermatologists and ophthalmologists” means that with a dark smoky eyes can go even owner lenses. Despite the creamy formula, the pencil dries out and bravely stand and tears, and autumn snowfall.

Water-resistant pencil for eye Aqua XL, tint, Matte Black, Make Up For Ever

But with a pencil Aqua XL can handle only the hydrophilic oil is that still the time. It is a bit harder, but the same is not felt on the eyes when applied and can withstand the most extreme weather conditions – I checked. Fans, this means so much, Make Up For Ever has released three dark pencil – Matt black, Matt charcoal grey and pearlescent black interspersed with microscopic glitter. When you need to make up your eyes and literally “on the run”, always go to him – solidifies in record time!

Подводка-фломастер Eye Catching Felt-Tip Eyeliner, Bourjois

The arrows in this makeup would be too much, so I was inspired by the latest fashion shows and started to invent: Peter Philips painted the models of the characters, but I did tears. This, incidentally, is a great way to test the durability of the liner is: will it real emotion?

Eyeliner pen Eye Catching Felt-Tip Eyeliner, Bourjois

Eyeliner-crayons – my favorite format: quick, clean and simple (if that’s even applicable to make-up arrow). Tool from the collection of Eye Catching, which is perfect way to create a cat-eye, pleased with the easy applicator. It performs double duty: it acts as a stamp to create the smooth tip of the arrow (or in our case, the basis of tears) and glides over the skin leaving a clear line.

Liquid eyeliner eyeshadow Eyeliner Stylo, shade Carpates, NARS

Another winner of a convenient felt tip liner Eyeliner Stylo from NARS. It is resilient and, therefore, arrows and other illustrations will cope quite desperate “artists”. And eyeliner the pigment rich color and generous feed – tear turned out to be bright and smooth. The medium dries quickly, does not crack, does not crumble and honestly lasts 10 hours – tested!

Подводка для глаз Mermaid Tears Holographic Eye Liner, оттенок Аквамарин, Л’Этуаль

If you do not know how to put on makeup for Halloween, and want something bright and extraordinary – take the sequins and will not lose. In my Arsenal there are several: large to “throw” on the nose and cheeks, like freckles, small and liquid to apply on eyebrow, lip, center, century, eyelashes everywhere. The second option is just perfect for eye makeup – and not just thematic. A drop of glitter in the centre of the lid or in the inner corner of the eye makes the eyes look more open.

Eyeliner Mermaid Tears Holographic Eye Liner, shade of aquamarine, L’Etoile

Mermaid tears from such beauty one stroke of the fine brush, and you have to face the aquamarine sequins that can be seen from space. Despite belonging to the category “hoses”, I arrow tool to draw wouldn’t: it leads to uneven line, because the sequins don’t fall very tightly. But for bright accents is what you need. What a brilliant cocktail of glitter and liquid foundations, which upon drying becomes invisible.

Glitter makeup Diamond Dew, the shade of Starlight, Lime Crime

A year ago when Lime Crime in your Instagram account posted the post with the caption “waiting for you something shiny”, I had itching hands. To produce a fabulous means for unicorns and fairies – “trick” brand. And now top coat Diamond Dew is sent safely to all parts of my face: lips, eyelids, cheekbones, and even – why not? Sequins don’t tend to crease and not crumble during the day. The analogue for Mermaid Tears could be the shade of Confetti, but my beloved Starlight is very well-suited to matte black shadows and brown eyes.

Тушь для ресниц Big Extreme, Mark

Dark eye makeup – an impressive amount of eyelashes! To avoid trouble with the patch, its color is thick and bright. They chose the biggest instances of your beauty Arsenal and tried to avoid the common mistakes well combed lashes with the brush to avoid “spider legs,” and applied the product from the roots. Other errors that you might allow when using mascara, look here.

Mascara Big Extreme, Mark

Extreme volume and transcendent length – this mascara can do everything. Unusual brush with the bristles tapered shape makes lashes long like a disney Princess, but it does not leave lumps and blobs. In the process of applying mascara I Wake up in a terrible perfectionist, and the time slips through your fingers – you can spend half an hour in the office one eyelash from another. With the ink of the Mark is not need to waste time – separation is guaranteed.

Яркий макияж глаз на Хэллоуин

Mascara Better Than Sex Too Faced

One of the main beauty-sins – layering mascara. But Better Than Sex that can not be afraid: its formula is specially made so that every layer volume was spectacular. Ink color of soot on the basis of collagen makes lashes thick and long, they’re about to get to the eyebrows. And with a brush in an hourglass shape easy to paint over the most difficult hairs – no one will hide!

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