Brides-to-be to buy pre-loved wedding dresses, accessories and decor

RMW founder Charlotte O’Shea decided she wanted to make the wedding industry more sustainable, working to ‘facilitate a change in attitude and practice’.

According to O’Shea, the average wedding can create as much as 14.5 tonnes of C02 gas. With 250,000 weddings in the UK a year that is 3,625,000 tonnes of C02 gas being emitted per annum.

The numbers are hardly surprising. After all, so many elements that make up a typical wedding are used only once – from the wedding dress and shoes to the decorations, it’s fast-fashion as its worst.

While 2021 weddings are still in limbo, things are looking promising with the news that the UK will be rolling out its Covid-19 vaccine programme within weeks – giving hope to all the couples planning on tying the knot next year.

Of course, the pandemic has shifted attitudes surrounding weddings. It’s given couples a chance to consider what’s really important and for some, that means the big, 200-plus celebration is no longer a priority.

Lockdown has also given those in the industry a chance to re-think and revise their strategies. For the famous bridal planning website, Rock My Wedding, it’s been an opportunity to launch something new.

In response to this and the demand from couples using RMW to have more eco-friendly weddings, RMW have launched a recycle section of the website, where brides-to-be can pick up pre-loved wedding dresses, veils, shoes accessories, decor and miscellaneous items. The site is also contributing 10% of the listing fee to Trees For Life.

O’Shea said: “As an industry we cannot stand-by and watch the monumental landfill created by weddings continue to expand. Our objective is to address the constant desire for “new” one-use items and facilitate and promote the purchase of pre-loved bridal gowns, accessories and décor. Too many wedding outfits are worn just once, and countless times food and flowers are thrown away after the event.

“By the beginning of 2022 we aim to have raised enough contributions from our recommended suppliers and recycle platform listing fees to have planted over 1600 trees in the rockmywedding.co.uk corporate grove. In year one we hope to save 9 million litres of water and offset in the region of 300 tonnes of carbon emissions. We aim to treble this by year 2”

Want to know more? Head to rockmywedding.co.uk/recycle. Even better, brides looking to recycle their wedding gear can list for free until 31st December 2020.

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