Bride-to-be Olivia Buckland spills on her wedding makeup

Olivia Buckland has barely taken a breath since leaving the Love Island villa two years ago.

Today she launches her brand new face mask with Skin Republic (Prep + Glow, £5.49), in between ambassador duties for Cocoa Brown and Quiz Clothing, all while only weeks away from her wedding to beau and fellow contestant, Alex Bowen.

GLAMOUR managed to snag a minute with the driven 24-year-old to chat about her bridal beauty, Dominos addiction and must-have products.


Olivia says she’s upped her skincare regime massively in the lead-up to her wedding, and as a result has seen an improvement, especially when it comes to breakouts.

“Each week, I’ll always have a pamper sesh and use a Skin Republic sheet mask, changing which one I use depending on how my skin is feeling at the time. My go-to when I’m feeling oily is the Charcoal Detox mask, or if I’m feeling like my skin’s looking a little tired and dull, I’ll go for the Vitamin C Brightening Mask.”

“Since booking the wedding I have also been visiting the Dr Medispa Clinic every five months for a chemical peel treatment which makes such a difference to my complexion. I literally feel like a new woman afterwards!”

When it comes to the big day, Olivia says her entire bridal squad will be using her Prep + Glow mask in the morning before makeup. “It’s important to hydrate the skin, and it will help the makeup blend easily and ensure a radiant glow.”

Olivia says she’s also booked in a complete wax (from the brows down) and to have her hair coloured just before the wedding so she’ll be feeling her absolute best.

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Those who follow Olivia on Instagram will know she kills it with a smokey eye, false lashes and bold lip. But for her wedding, she plans to go a little more understated.

“Although I do love the full glam look, I’ve started to come round to the idea that less is more. I want to look like me, so I feel like a natural glam look would be ideal.”

“It’s difficult because you feel like you should look a certain way when you get married, but for me, it’s all about my skin, which is why I have had such a regimented routine over the past year or so as I really want it to look both glowy and radiant.”

When it comes to hair, the bride-to-be is a little more undecided, but lucky her hair stylist, Michael Grey, has two options at the ready for her.
“One is up and one is down and I love them both”, says Olivia. “I trust him completely. Alex prefers it up because he can see my face more, but my girls seem to prefer it down… it’s a tough one!”

As for the nails, a traditional French manicure is on the cards.

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A woman of many talents – Olivia says she designed all her bridesmaids dresses as she felt like ‘there was nothing on the market that I loved or would complement all of their body shapes as they are all different.’

“I found a fantastic dressmaker and we all cried when they tried them on the other week – they all looked amazing and I’m so proud to have them all standing next to me!”


After wearing a bikini for more than thirty episodes on live TV, you’d think there’d be some body issues buried deep, but Olivia says she prefers to hit the gym for her mental health rather than for physical reasons.

In terms of a fitness regimen in the lead up to her wedding, it hasn’t been easy.

“I’ve been so busy with my work with Skin Republic and filming my two new shows up north, it’s been really hard to fit in a pre-wedding health and wellness regime.”

“I have made an effort to stop eating as many takeaways though (Alex and I love a Dominos) so we’re just generally eating healthily.”

Olivia says she feels most beautiful when she’s having a good skin day or after she’s been on holiday and has that golden glow.

“I actually feel more beautiful without makeup. Physically because it’s not getting everywhere, and visually, I’m really learning to love a natural look. That’s why I make sure I regularly do sheet masks so I can get away without having to wear it!”

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Ever wondered what the inside of Olivia’s beauty cabinet looks like?

Right beside her Prep + Glow sheet mask, you’d find the Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan Mousse, a tube of Carmex lip balm, the W7 Honolulu Bronzer and her own, Made Up London My Sidekick Palette.

You’d also find some baby oil, which Olivia said works a dream for smooth skin, just by adding a few drops into your bath before soaking.

But her best trick of all?

“It’s a bit of an odd one, but I was once told that when you’re doing a sleek ponytail you should use lubricant as it’s the best way to stop any stray hairs!”
Who would’ve thought?

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