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Mental labor and gynecological inflammation can trigger serious mammary disease. Female breasts are the main object of male lust, inspiration and passion. 

Women in turn are often dissatisfied – then form, then size.But it happens that the breast does not cause imaginary, but real suffering – soreness, heaviness, swelling and other unpleasant sensations in the chest are familiar to almost everyone. Sometimes it is perceived as a norm – before critical days such things happen to many.

Meanwhile, doctors say differently and are encouraged to treat their breasts carefully and carefully. About the trouble under the name of mastopathy recognized correspondent SHE.

Urban women’s illness

“Mastopathy, or fibrocystic disease, is a disease of the mammary gland associated with a violation of proliferation (that is, overgrowth) of the glandular tissue, its compaction and the replacement of the connective tissue along the ducts,” explained the mammologist, oncologist at the clinic of professor Pasman Natalia Vybornova. According to her, this is one of the most common diseases in the weaker sex – occurs in 60% of women. Especially often learn about it residents of large cities. As the gynecologists tell, the main contingent of the sick are women of reproductive age who live in the city and who work on mental production.

Mastopathy begins with the proliferation of connective tissue, with small nodules formed. This form of mastopathy is called diffuse. Its main manifestation is soreness in the mammary gland. It usually intensifies before menstruation. But the pain in the chest before the men are familiar to many. As Natalia Vybornova said, pain, roughness and swelling of the breast before menstruation – it’s normal. But not always normal. “If the pain is severe and lasts for a long time – this is already a disease,” – warns the doctor.

Another important criterion is whether the symptoms pass after menstruation. If the chest hurts, is increased and after the termination of critical days, this is a clear sign of developing disease.

And discharge from the nipple, especially of a strange color or bloody, should even force a woman to go to the doctor immediately. As well as the cones inside the gland that the woman can detect in her sensation process.

As explained by Natalya Vybornova, the disease develops as a consequence of hormonal changes in the body of a woman. It happens after the abortion, with various gynecological pathologies associated with the violation of the menstrual cycle, inflammatory gynecological diseases. The problem can also develop against a background of hypothyroidism, when the function of the thyroid gland is reduced. So, our iodine-deficient region for this disease is very suitable.

Time against

Receive mastopathy can be at any age. In adolescence, a hormonal leap can provoke disease in very young girls. In the prime of life, according to the mammologist, the non-fulfillment of the reproductive function comes to the forefront: those who do not acquire offspring before the age of thirty fall into a risk group. After forty the hormonal background changes again, the production of hormones goes to decrease, which means that the chest suffers again. In general, it is a kind of target for all hormonal changes that occur in women throughout their lives. Therefore, mastopathy is called in doctors hormone-dependent disease.

If at the initial stage the disease is not caught, the densities take a focal form, become larger and, as a result, can serve as a favorable background for neoplasm – both benign and malignant.

“Interest in mastopathy has recently increased significantly, as a reduction in the incidence of mastopathy is a real way to reduce the incidence of breast cancer in the future. 

It was found that with mastopathy with hyperplastic processes in the ducts and cysts in women over 45 years of age, the risk of developing cancer increases by 2.6 times, “says Rauza Loginova, a gynecologist and endocrinologist at the medical center” Catharsis “.

Watch and see

At the same time, it is absolutely not necessary to be frightened and avoid the “terrible doctor”. As doctors say, mastopathy is very successfully treated, however, this process is long and requires patience and an integrated approach. Usually prescribed vitamins, adaptogens for general improvement of health, phytopreparations for reducing tissue proliferation, as well as means for restoring the hormonal background, it is necessary and the treatment of the underlying disease.

A natural way to prevent many diseases of the female sphere, including mastopathy, is breastfeeding. The pebbles in the garden of those who feed little, are not groundless. Doctors tirelessly repeat that full breastfeeding is the best way to prevent problems with the mammary gland in the future. For those who do not plan to give birth yet, doctors recommend using hormonal contraception – they are also a kind of prevention.

As Rauza Loginova explained, women who take hormonal contraceptives are less likely to suffer from mastitis. But this also does not relieve them of the need for regular monitoring: to do breast ultrasound once a year, if there were any problems with the breast, and every two years, if everything is all right.

Perhaps the lazy ones do not know about the great role of introspection. Carefully feel and examine your breasts after the end of menstruation is necessary for everyone. If the compression or tenderness is preserved, if axillary lymph nodes are enlarged, this is a direct reason to begin the examination. “The 6-12th day of the cycle is the time when the tissue swelling is minimal, and the studies are reliable,” says Natalia Vybornova, recalling that for women under the age of 35 the main method is ultrasound, and after – mammography. There is nothing complicated in these events, which means that every woman can do so that her breasts do not cause any trouble, but only rejoice her and her man.

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