Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Are Expecting a Baby Girl

Congratulations are in order for Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom! After surprising us all by announcing her pregnancy in her “Never Worn White” music video back in March, Katy took to Instagram on Friday evening to share a photo of Orlando covered in pink frosting with a huge smile on his face. “It’s a girl!” Katy captioned the post, setting “Girls Run the World” as her location.

“I’m so grateful for everything I have been able to do and achieve, and all the goals that I’ve been kind of able to check off my list, and dreams and the life I’ve lived thus far,” Katy said in a recent interview with SiriusXM’s Mikey Piff, confirming that the pregnancy was no accident. “We are both looking forward to this new interval of life and sharing this, so that’s kind of how it happens.”

Jimmy Fallon Wore His Daughter’s Sparkly Cat Ear Headband to Face Mask With Jessica Alba

The world might be in lockdown, but that’s not slowing Jimmy Fallon down. During The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (At Home Edition), he’s been busy getting haircut tips from Jonathan Van Ness, discussing social distancing with Kim Kardashian, and having a right laugh with Tina Fey. And his latest guest delivered equal amounts of entertainment and education. Jessica Alba took time out of her busy home life to teach Fallon a thing or two about face masks, as well as talk about how her business, The Honest Company, is helping families impacted by COVID-19.

During this time, “it’s a really important time to do self-care,” Alba told Fallon, which is why she’s demonstrating how she practices it.

The first step in the at-home Alba facial is putting on a fun headband to keep hair well out of the way. Alba whips out her trusty white bunny ear headband, while Fallon stole his daughter’s sparkly, gold cat ear headband for the occasion. Once prepped, they choose their masks. Alba reaches for the Honest Beauty Prime + Perfect Mask, while Fallon opts for an interesting approach using the Honest Beauty Prime + Perfect Mask on one side of his face and the Honest Beauty 3-in-1 Detox Mud Mask on the other side. His conclusion? “I feel fresh and I feel clean” – a success in our opinion.

Watch the full video above to see the sweet self-care moment between the two. Now, I’m off to find a cute headband and my favourite mask.

Marsai Martin and Storm Reid Put Their Own Cozy Twist on the Stylish #DontRushChallenge

Whether it involves a flowy floral dress or sweatpants and a robe, staying indoors means dressing for yourself, and Marsai Martin is here to show us how it’s done. In a video shared to her Instagram account on Friday, Marsai shared a compilation of herself and a few famous friends – including Storm Reid, Skai Jackson, Lexi Underwood, Shahadi Wright Joseph, Eris Baker, and more – adding a cozy twist to TikTok’s stylish #DontRushChallenge.

The challenge, which originated from Twitter user @lase_asoloo on March 22, shows Black women changing from stay-at-home loungewear to badass going out looks with the swipe of a makeup brush. People have since adapted the challenge to fit their personal style and show that women of all backgrounds are beautiful.

Martin, Reid, and their fellow celebrities took the challenge in a slightly different direction, going from glammed up to cozy chic, and we can definitely get behind this fashion trend. The sunglasses were a particularly classy touch, if you ask us. Watch their seamlessly-edited video here and keep scrolling to take a look at a few Twitter users whose style game is spot-on.

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