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“Fashion is something that exists not only in clothes,” said Mademoiselle Chanel. “Fashion is in the air.” And, although it was a question of much more complex social and cultural aspects of the world order, it is terribly tempting to think that Chanel hinted at perfume: after all, they are the fashion that is floating in the air.

Possessed by spirits – one of the largest fashionable sects, perhaps no less numerous than worshiping shoes. It’s a pleasure to listen to these girls: they talk about light smells – “gowns” and luxurious smells – “evening dresses”, about “vetiver on the skin” and other music. How to find your smell, whether it is possible to violate the rules and how to learn to understand perfume, the correspondent of SE explained.

Male perfume can be a bright touch in the image, if you are not afraid to attract women

Consumer Resistance

The rules of behavior in the perfume shop have long been known. No more than three scents in one sitting. Do not forget to refresh your sense of smell with coffee beans. And, of course, do not buy without “fitting” – on each person the fragrance is revealed individually in interaction with the skin. Before buying, you need to spend at least an hour (ideally, a night), watching it open (and when “good-bye, dear” says). For violation of these rules, we pay the appearance of an unloved and unnecessary bottle in the closet. But curiosity pushes once again to wander around the store with a light dizziness and a lush bouquet of blotters in each hand.

In order not to be necessary or tempted to test everything, a choice of a new perfume should be prepared theoretically, outlining a maximum of a couple of candidates for a purchase.

Perfumery is the area where you really can listen to advertising. More precisely – take a closer look. If there is any doubt in their own competence and nose – models representing aroma, always serve as a hint: be it brown hair lolitka in advertising the new Scarlett by Cacharel and became the face of the new version of Ange ou Demon strong woman Uma Thurman. To decide finally, it is worth diving for an hour in a large Internet community of perfume maniacs and to study the opinions of regulars. If the majority branded perfume for instability or an importunate note, this information should be noted.

If you want to join the ranks of experts yourself, you will need practice with analysis on the basis of notes. “Everything comes from experience,” says Olga Iovleva, manager of the store “L’Etoile” on Krasny Prospekt. – Gradually you start to allocate the general note in different favorite smells ». “It’s terribly interesting to understand where the” violet “, indicated in the annotation, and where the” mandarin “is, and understand that almost all your favorite aromas have, for example, honeysuckle,” says Marina, the beginning collector of perfumes. – I remember how gradually began to appreciate the complex and unusual smells – you need a lot of sniffing to understand what “rustic” flavor is. But he used to like awful things! “.

What permissiveness! 

If once the mother and daughter or a strict brunette and a coquettish blonde, in general, could not exchange flacons without damage to the image, then recently the rules are rapidly eroding. Therefore, the image you like on the advertising poster may no longer coincide with the buyer by the external type, but be simply the embodiment of the desired mood: African passion, child carelessness or flight on a broomstick. Especially a lot about cancellation was said after the tender Slav woman Natalia Vodianova became the face of Shalimar – exotic, eastern, with a hint of India.

“Now the correspondence of the spirits of appearance and age is observed not so strictly,” commented Olga Iovleva, “but the rule to abstain from using pronounced seasonal or evening smells at the wrong time remains practically unshakable.”

At one time, CK On made a revolution and became a symbol of the 90’s as an era of simplicity and unisex, proving that the girl can successfully use not only her mother’s perfume, but also the perfume of her lover. Now the purchase of men’s perfume seller consultant is no longer surprising. “Fashion in the global sense is moving towards unisex,” commented the school’s director Alexander Vasilyev in Novosibirsk Lyudmila Kornienko. –

Therefore, you can safely use a man’s perfume, the main thing is that it should be combined with an image that also has to play with elements of traditionally masculine elegance. “

“We have customers who prefer men’s smells – they are attracted by the lack of” sweets, “- says Mrs. Iovleva. – You can probably assume that this person is strong and not ordinary. The only thing we jokingly warn about is that there are notes aimed at attracting a certain sex: sandalwood and amber, of course, have a special effect on women … If the girl does not bother with this opportunity and the smell well “sits down”, then why not?”.

In a word, the only serious crime in perfumery is overdose.

As a rule, if, when you leave the house in the morning, you feel a cloud of smell around you, then the search for perfume (which does not necessarily appeal to all colleagues and others) probably happened. Do not forget the old rule – “your” flavor sits like a second skin and quickly ceases to be felt. By the way, if an overdose did happen, you can fix the situation several times wiping the “pshika” points with a tissue moistened with cold water and then dry.

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