April 12, 2024

Brandy Will Play Cinderella Once Again in the New ‘Descendents’ Movie, ‘The Pocketwatch’

Impossible things are happening every day. On November 21, it was announced that Brandy will be reprising her role as Cinderella in Disney’s upcoming Descendants movie, The Pocketwatch.

Brandy first donned Cinderella’s glass slippers in the iconic 1997 television movie adaptation of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella alongside Whitney Houston, Paolo Montalban, and Whoopi Goldberg. While The Pocketwatch does not serve as a sequel to the 25-year-old musical, fans were thrilled by the news nonetheless. “Descendants spin-off film is bringing back Brandy’s Cinderella… yeah I’m sorry this is truly Disney Channel’s best franchise,” one user tweeted.

The Descendants is a series of films dedicated to the children of classic Disney villains and heroes, initially starring Dove Cameron as Mal, daughter of Maleficent, Cameron Boyce as Carlos, son of Cruella de Vil, Booboo Stewart as Jay, son of Jafar, and Sofia Carson as Evie, daughter of the Evil Queen.

The Pocketwatch will follow Red (Kylie Cantrall), the daughter of the Queen of Hearts (played by Rita Ora), and Chloe (Malia Baker), the daughter of Cinderella, as join they forces after “chaos breaks out” at a celebration in the magical land of Auradon. “In order to prevent an impending coup, they must join forces to travel back in time, via a magical pocket watch created by the Mad Hatter’s son, to stop an event that would lead to grave consequences,» the plotline reads, per Deadline.

Melanie Paxson will be reprising her role as Fairy Godmother, along with China Anne McClain, who played Ursula’s daughter Uma in Descendants 2 and 3. The movie is directed by Jennifer Phang and written by Dan Frey and Russell Sommer.

Don’t mind me… I’m just processing this news in my own little corner, in my own little chair.

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