June 20, 2024

Brake, gas and woman

When the world first car appeared, no one believed in the commercial success of this idea – eccentricity and nothing more. When the first woman got behind the wheel, no one believed that it was serious.

Funny attraction for men – no more. Is the “female” style of driving an excuse for male mythmaking? The correspondent of SE decided to find out the validity of autobikes about young ladies at the wheel. Who knows, maybe very soon a woman will start making legends behind the wheel?

At the time of the first “motors” it was believed that behind the wheel sit only eccentric and emancipated ladies. Such was Bertha Benz, the wife of the very inventor of the gasoline car of Karl Benz. In 1888, she secretly from her husband drove 180 kilometers in a self-propelled carriage.

In Russia, the ballerina Nina Anisimova became the first woman to drive. It was said that among the dancers who joined the ballet troupe of the Mariinsky Theater in the 1920s and 1930s, it was she who was distinguished by a violent temperament and a bright stage gift.

Brake, gas and woman

Myth 1: a woman regularly mixes the brake and gas

Teachers driving schools with a smile perceive a bike that the woman regularly mixes the brake and gas. It turns out that this is far from the case (1: 0 in our favor! ). Does this mean that talking about the inadequate behavior of a woman at the wheel is another attempt by men to poke fun at the weaker sex? Yet the ironic attitude on the part of men to the car with the badge “shoe” arose not from scratch. For example, women are lost when choosing a direction – to the right or to the left – women like eyes wide open (especially when they are reversed).

“It is much more difficult to orient oneself in space and determine the dimensions of a vehicle, the distance between objects, the lateral interval of ladies than men,” notes the director of the driving school “Leader +” Sergei Chetvertkov.

– A female driver is often reinsured when, for example, she needs to park. She will certainly look out the window of her car, look around, weigh everything and gently – millimeter by millimeter – will take the right position. ”And if he doubts himself, he will attract someone from the side, setting the savior in the driver’s seat. Well, we admit: the eye of men is much better developed than we have, (1: 1), they manage to calculate the situation faster. However, according to the teachers of driving schools, theoretically women are more fit than men, and to disassemble an accident, in which case, we will be able to with greater accuracy.

Myth 2: a woman is driving outside affairs

It would seem that here we are! However, according to the head of the Propaganda Department of the Department of Homeland Security of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate for the Novosibirsk Region, Alena Podziuban (by the way, she has been driving for 10 years), tinting her lips in a traffic jam or red light is quite acceptable. And it’s simply impossible to do this at a speed! So do not believe the men who claim to have seen the young lady painting her nails while driving her car. Artifice! Moreover, Alain does not see anything terrible in that if the owner of the car controls his “iron horse” in shoes with heels. Why not if she is comfortable? What not to do, is to rearrange the drive while driving on the high-speed track, as simple manipulation with the disk can disperse attention. With regard to smoking and talking on the phone, there is a taboo for everyone, regardless of the division of mankind into “M” and “F”.

Myth 3: a woman more often becomes the culprit of accidents.

Brake, gas and woman

To understand this question and prove or deny another myth, we turned to Sergey Myshko, Deputy General Director for Marketing of STIF Insurance Holding: “A woman and a car are absolutely normal. As a driver with a decade of experience, I can say one thing: the drivers who are insecure, when you are a passenger, you feel right away. And they are both among women and among men. If we talk about the features of women’s riding, it seems to me that women have problems with backing, whereas forward they move very confidently and love speed. Well, the dimensions of his car men really “feel” better. ”You can argue about this endlessly, but the facts are a stubborn thing.

It turns out that according to statistics, accidents, caused by the fault of the fair sex, only 16%. Culprits of most of the accidents are, oddly enough, it’s men. And “women’s” crashes are always less large: they are scratches, small damages to the car. In terrible accidents with deaths, men are almost always guilty.

And the reason for this, most likely, is not the seemingly small number of women behind the wheel (today they are at least 40 percent, or even more! ), But a masculine, aggressive driving style. Unlike men, women travel more carefully (2: 1 in our favor).

Myth 4: a woman on the road is not trusted

It so happened that at the wheel of a public transport or a taxi we are used to seeing men. Although … But what about the tram, the trolleybus? Or, for example, a ladies taxi! Who would have thought that even in non-specialized taxis there are drivers in skirts. “Pilot” cab “Cabriolet” Tatiana says that a strong sex reacts to a female driver under this scheme. Usually it happens this way: a man accepts the news that a lady is in a state of stupor and a slight shock when driving, then silence is replaced by discontent, muttering under the nose, the trip ends with surprise and unexpected compliment: “Not every man drives like you do. ”

In most cases, ladies’ taxi is preferred by couples with children, future mothers.

If the passenger of such a taxi is a man, then through confusion and distrust, he becomes a regular customer. Here is a paradox! (3: 1 in our favor! )

Myth 5: in a critical situation, a woman reacts inadequately.

Well, again we have arrived! What is it – male chauvinism? Nikita Lezin, a psychologist, joined the conversation: “There are women with a male character, in fact they are leaders and used to dominate. In their style, driving and driving on the roads is unconventional. However, this is more an exception than the rule. Nature is conceived differently: it is natural for a man to direct his actions outward. Therefore, driving a car for him means directly contacting external circumstances.

The woman, on the contrary, by its nature is arranged in such a way that most of its energy is directed to the inner circle, that is, to the house and family. Therefore, sitting behind the wheel and getting into external circumstances, it is much more difficult to orientate than a man. ”

It turns out that a strong sex does not like when a woman expands her chances and goes “out”. Maybe that’s why men begin to behave not entirely ethically, now and then cutting off car enthusiasts on the road. By the way, male chauvinism, as a rule, is peculiar to weak men. “By criticizing, belittling, not perceiving a woman as a partner, they feel more confident and thus self-affirming. That’s why for them a woman at the wheel is an outrage, “- says Nikita Lezin (4: 1).

No matter how we tried to divide the spheres of influence and “divide the wheel”, the fact remains: in courses on driving, according to statistics, out of 30 people only 5 are men. This trend today is formed not by feminist sentiments, but by employers, who often prefer candidates with a driving license.

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