Bra, bra and once again bra!

The main pests of beauty of the female breast are time, diet and gravity of the Earth

A woman’s bust of the lust of a man can easily turn into a source of eternal frustration for her owner: unfortunately, the breasts often “fail” even women with an excellent figure. However, the fears for its appearance are not always justified, and the allegations are correct.

Some of them are able to spoil the mood even among the most inveterate optimist, while others underestimate the importance of this or that important moment. The fact that women are most often mistaken when it comes to the chest, recognized the correspondent of SHE.

Myth one: the shape and size of the breast can be adjusted by special exercises.

Unfortunately, comparison of the breast with elastic balls is appropriate only in fiction. In life, you can neither cheat nor make the chest as elastic as you can: there simply is not anything to “work” with. The female breast consists not of muscles, but of fatty and glandular tissue. That’s why no one has yet come up with a method of changing the shape of the breast, except for nature itself: the breast becomes fuller if we get better overall.

Each kilogram of total weight increases the weight of the breast by 20 g. The converse is also true: the more we lose weight, the more chances that the breasts will be blown off. 

Therefore, if you like to sit on a rigid diet and lose weight quickly, be prepared: the chest will hang.

The personal trainer of the club “Extreme Fitness” Ekaterina Sinitsyna notes: if you care about the appearance of your chest, be careful first of all with aerobic training – the breast “burns out” very easily. But this does not mean that you do not have to do anything at all: you just need to know what exercises will be useful, first of all it is bench press and push-ups from the floor. They will help keep the muscles under the mammary gland in a tonus, and ligaments.

Myth two: the breast does not require special care, especially if it is in good shape. 

About the beauty of the breast usually think about when they notice: something is wrong with it. And then in the course are various creams, ointments and even plastic surgery. Most often they turn out to be ineffectual, and not for nothing. After all, it does not occur to us to buy a face cream when the face wraps a network of wrinkles.

“The skin of the breast exactly the same as the face requires nutrition, proper cleansing and regeneration,” says Anatoly Decina, head of the Scientific Cosmetic Society. The skin on the breast is usually dry, tender and delicate, and care is required for it. However, it is necessary to believe advertising promises with caution: the more active a remedy, the more cautiously it is to apply it on the chest area and never – on the nipple area.

By the way, physical education (any) improves not only the tone of the organism as a whole, but also the skin in particular, which means that the breast skin that “holds” the structure will also receive help.

Myth three: walking without a bra is sometimes useful, but if the chest is elastic and small, you can not wear it at all. 

Air hardening, when you go home naked, certainly useful. Do not wear a bodice, going out into the street, can afford a girl with boyish forms. But only: even if your breasts are high and elastic, but exceeds the first size, you need to wear clothes not only because of the moral health of the surrounding men, but primarily your own.

“The most important pests of the chest are time and gravity,” says Valery Piskarev, plastic surgeon at the Duna Clinic.

Over time, we are powerless, but to keep the chest from gravity is still worth it: as the surgeon says, the risk of sagging breasts without a bra increases, and the more breasts, the more carefully one has to approach the choice of underwear – the issues of not only aesthetics, but also adequate support.

When playing sports, the load is not only increased, but becomes beyond the limits. Therefore, a set of special sports underwear is mandatory for all fitness lovers: the bodice must be pulled and tightly held in place of both the fifth and the first size.

Myth four: breastfeeding always leads to a sagging breasts.

Horror stories of expectant mothers and the argument of Childfrey: a child takes away the beauty of the breast. But this is not always true. Valery Piskarev recalls that most often after the end of breastfeeding, she returns to her former form. “There are times when it shrinks more than it’s prescribed and even decreases in size, because the skin has the ability to stretch and contract,” the surgeon advises not to underestimate the body’s capabilities. However, there are factors that should be paid attention to: the more breasts increased with lactation, the greater the likelihood that the previous form will not be achieved.

The duration of the feeding is important, and whether it was right: Tatyana Botkina, gynecologist and endocrinologist at the Duna clinic, recalls that prolonged feeding (more than a year) is not only useless for the child (he has already received all the useful substances), but it is also not for the mother .

“Breastfeeding is good for preventing breast cancer, but if fed for more than 2-3 years, the positive effect decreases and the risk increases again,” says the gynecologist, reminding that the shape of the bust worsens if the technique of feeding and pumping is wrong.

Myth Five: stretch marks on the chest are the true companions of pregnancy.

Stretching is generally unpleasant, and on the chest is also extremely annoying, often appear if the lady quickly recovers, including during pregnancy. But whether a woman has stretch marks, depends more on her constitution and heredity than on weight gain as such, so pregnancy should not be blamed.

Tatiana Botkin explained that stretch marks are formed when there is an excess of the hormone cortisol, which is physiologic in pregnancy, but they can also appear if the hormonal balance is disturbed in a woman who is not yet expecting a baby. Therefore, it is very important not to wait for pregnancy, when all violations become apparent, and to monitor their hormonal background before it.

By the way, in lean, asthenic women, according to doctors, the risk of getting stretch marks is higher, so they need to pay special attention to prevention and skin care. 

And to tighten with the birth of a child, doctors do not advise under any constitution: the younger the woman, the better the reparative processes in the skin, which means that the risk of sagging, stretching or losing elasticity is minimized. In the end, the idea that a woman should at first fulfill her reproductive role, and then everything else, is shared even by plastic surgeons.

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