April 13, 2024

‘Body combing’ with crystals is the Chinese-inspired wellness trend you need to know about

Just when we thought we couldn’t move for a crystal, a whole new trend has been born: body combing.

Much like a good glass of red wine, crystals have fast become a quick-fix for our every ailment. Looking for love? Rose quartz will help you find The One. Lacklustre skin? A crystal-infused skincare regime will restore your glow. Dull hair? There’s a jade comb for that.

Using a technique from ancient Chinese medicine called Gua Sha, body combing involves using various tools on your body (mostly crystal-infused objects) to follow specific massage techniques along the meridiens of the body to aid improved lymphatic drainage.

“Manual lymphatic drainage has many proven benefits, and is a concept that has been used in both Eastern and Western medicine for many years,” explains Dr Sophie Shotter. “In Western medicine, it involves specialist massage techniques, which many surgeons may even recommend post-operatively to speed up healing post surgery (like liposuction).

“The use of a jade body comb at home, when used properly, may help to improve lymph movement through the body and aiding detoxification by prompting more rapid removal of cellular waste products from the tissues. ”

Discussing the benefits of lymphathic draining, celebrity facialist Abigail James said: “It boosts circulation, brings fresh nutrients through blood flow to the skin, supports healthy cell production, as well as allowing you to take a little moment for yourself. ”

There are some really informative videos for how to do this online – look at the Hayou Method’s website, which is really educational. Some people like to use a comb, others like to use a smoother tool. Jade and rose quartz are often used as materials for this; jade is believed to provide harmony and balance, whilst rose quartz is associated with opening the heart for love and self-love (and hey, we could all use a little more of that).

Sharing a guide of how to try it yourself at home, Aneequa Bhatti, www. Cosmetify. com expert, said: “Body combing is an ancient Chinese treatment, similar to gua sha that works on a deeper level providing a more intensive massage into the meridians and unblocking energy channels which releases stagnation and rejuvenates the skin, body and mind. Regular body combing will leave you with decongested, nourished skin all over your body and is great for lymphatic drainage and banishing cellulite too.

“Using either massage oil or water, use brisk downward strokes in the morning to wake up and invigorate and then slow, long downward strokes in the evening, to soothe and calm. ”

“Like all home use techniques, to have benefit this is a technique that should be performed regularly,” adds Dr Shotter. “I’m a fan of all things that promote love and connection for our bodies. ”

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