April 24, 2024

Bobby Pin Eyeliner Is Trending For Creating The Most Delicate Definition When Your Felt Tip Won’t Cut It

Another day, another TikTok beauty hack. This time it’s the turn of the bobby pin eyeliner which, truth be told, we were feeling pretty sceptical about. Our first thought was: why faff around with the end of your hair slide when we have felt tip liners that do all the hard work for us?

But TikTok has us sold on cracking out the hair accessory, particularly when confronted with an area that needs an especially light hand. Creators have been turning to the bobby pin eyeliner hack when tackling the inner eye corner, or to create an extra dainty wing.

One user, @__ria9__ shared her reaction to using the hack, which saw her apply her liquid liner along the end of her bobby pin. She then used it to sketch a neat point along the top of her tear duct for an elongated, feline, siren eyes effect.

Next, she flipped over the bobby pin and used the other end to craft an ultra slim, ultra delicate wing on the outer corner. After assessing the finished effect, she looked astonished at how well it worked.

But it seems the humble bobby pin is something of a multi-hyphenate when it comes to creating eye makeup looks. Elsewhere on #beautytok, we’ve also seen the bobby pin also comes in handy if you want to create a wider, wedge shape at the outer corner.

Creator, @fferlopez used the ‘V’ shape created by the end of a bobby pin, between the two prongs, as a stencil to sketch out the rough shape of a cat-eye liner. It did an excellent job at getting the shape down, but for extra precision, she went in after to neaten the whole thing up. Then, once she added some mascara to finish her eye makeup off, it looked perfect.

So, among the TikTok beauty tricks we’ll skip (looking at you, lube primer), this is definitely one we’ll be adding to the bank, next time we need some help with our liner.

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