May 20, 2024

Blush Nails Are Taking The Adorable Douyin Cheek Trend To Our Fingertips

It looks like our skincare is becoming the Queen Bee influencer. (No, seriously). First, our complexions helped inspire glazed donut nails, and now blush nails are trending on TikTok where the design has scooped up over 31 million views.

Where glazed nails took Hailey Bieber’s philosophy of “hydrated, nourished, dewy, glowy, yummy, glazed skin” and applied it to glossy manicures, blush nails takes its cue from the flushed cheeks that have been dominating the makeup-sphere.

The look references the douyin blush and “I’m cold” makeup looks that offer a shortcut to the cutesy, youthful coquette aesthetic currently going stratospheric.

And, mani minimalists will be happy to hear that, like glazed nails, blush nails offer a design that’s low-key, pretty and natural(ish)-looking, like a your-nails-but-better situation.

What are Korean blush nails?

As with rosy cheeks, blush nails mimic a rosy bloom of colour in the centre of nails to give them a healthy glow like you’d get if you were blushing, or had just come in from the cold.

How to create Korean blush nails?

They’re a more pared back version of the aura nail trend, created using an airbrush, that’s also been building momentum. As for how to create them, an airbrush isn’t strictly necessary and they’re surprisingly easy to create at home.

You start with a nude or pale pink base, then diffuse a blob or blush pink or red colour on top with a sponge or nail bush and finish with a glossy top coat for a glowing finish. We’ve even spotted the trend created using actual blusher, and to make it their own, we’ve seen fans pimp the mani with tiny appliqué details like flowers, gems and hearts.

How to wear Korean blush nails

Literal blush nails

Nail artist, @nailsbyalsn, used actual Chanel blusher and an eyeshadow brush to blend the flush of colour onto her fingertips.

Heart blush nails

We love the adorable heart detail sketched over the top with a dotting pen by @nailolols.

Glowing blush nails

You can add teensy crystal gemstones and the sparkles emoji for extra glow like @matchaicedcoffee.

Jelly blush nails

The clear jelly base is extra fun and cute.

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