London-based fashion brand that influencers can’t stop wearing

Creating affordable, trend-led, individual collections that both fashion editors and influencers alike can’t get enough of, House of Sunny is the perfect example of a forward-thinking and future-proofed fashion brand that we should all get behind.

When it comes to ‘sustainable fashion‘, due its only recently-discovered importance and infancy in terms of development, designs often just miss the mark in either affordability of aesthetic creativity (or, often, both), but there’s a relatively undiscovered East London-based label that’s nailing every single aspect.

Launched in 2011, House of Sunny’s founder Sunny Williams prides herself on running an independent womenswear label based in London creating everyday pieces with elevated accents and technically innovative design.

With the support of the British Fashion Council, House of Sunny is currently on its fourteenth collection – which, although loosely called ‘AW19’, is another display of entirely seasonless, transitional pieces which will last well beyond the end of autumn/winter ’19.

The two seasonal collections do, however, hold a huge significance, in that the time frame – as opposed to a drop each of the four seasons, or even monthly – sets the design team at a slower pace, allowing time for research and sourcing of sustainable fabrics and manufacturing methods.

“We put product first – how and where we make it matter” acknowledged the team. “We know who makes our clothes throughout every process and our designs are manufactured in small limited runs to prevent the waste of materials.”

“We focus on reducing our waste by increasing our marker efficiency and reusing 80% of our leftovers to create small products such as hats, scarfs and head bands.”

“30% of our care labels and swing tags are made from garment waste, we hope to get this 100% by the end of the year.”

And it’s not just a sustainable mission that the brand champions, but also an ethical one.

“Our production partners overseas are visited frequently and our process is always ethical.”

“We do not use fur, leather, skins or silk and the wool we do use is course from producers with good animal husbandry.”

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