Blackberry Is The Hair Color You’re Going To See Everywhere In 2018

From vanilla milkshake and PB&J highlights to peach hair, food-inspired hair color trends show no sign of slowing down. The latest filling our feed: blackberry.

According to Pinterest, saves for this hair color are up 355 percent since January 2018 and are continuing to rise. Blackberry hair blends shades of purple with hints of blue – and there’s no doubt something sweet about this dark dye job.

The look, as seen here, is created using the balayage technique, lightening only the strands that will be covered in color and avoiding the roots. Your stylist can paint on heavy highlights for a more dramatic look or smaller highlights for something subtler, explains Julia Elena, a colorist at Hairstory Studio in NYC.

Finally, the color concoction (aka a toner) is applied allover to bring the blackberry hues to the hair. “Depth and saturation of the final color will depend on how long the toner is left on the hair,” says Elena.

As the long as the purple tones are customized for your skin tone, Elena assures us that anyone can pull off these purple shades. Plus, the natural root helps temper the color and allows for easier regrowth. The only exception: Women with lighter hair may want to avoid, as it tends to wash out quickly. Regular touch-ups at the salon – every two to three weeks – will be required to maintain its vibrancy. At home, use a color-protecting, detergent-free shampoo, like Hairstory New Wash ($40; hairstory.com), to keep your color fresher longer.

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