June 14, 2024

Binge-Watching Netflix Is About to Come At Higher Price

Netflix has been providing us with their streaming services at relatively reasonable prices for years. But now, the entertainment company is, once again, increasing prices for US subscribers.

According to recent reports, standard and premium subscription plans will go up $1 to $2 starting in November. The last time Netflix notably increased its rates was a few years ago, and shortly after, the company reported a drop in subscribers.

If you’re binge-watching stateside on the standard $9. 99 per month, your rate is reported to go up to $10. 99. If your plan is premium at $11. 99 per month, it will soon be $13. 99. On October 19, all subscribers will begin to be notified, giving (at minimum) a 30-day warning.

By the time December rolls around, all subscribers will be paying higher prices, according to Mashable.

With so much great content―both original and curated―it’s hard to be too mad about the company’s need for more funds. So, in case you are wondering, yes, we’re still watching.

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