July 17, 2024

Billie Eilish’s shoes are 2020’s version of ‘The Dress’ and the internet is losing its mind

During an Insta Story Q&A with her followers, Billie was asked whether she thought the 2015 dress was black and blue, or white and gold. But she responded by saying that the dress was actually blue and gold, and that she could prove it.

Billie then shared that years ago, she was wearing a pair of Nikeshoes that her dad thought were pink and white, but were actually green and white.

Remember the viral dress of 2015 that divided the world, with half of us seeing it as black and blue, and the other as white and gold? Well, Billie Eilish has the 2020 answer to ‘the dress’.

The singer has shared an optical illusion to her Instagram and everybody is losing their minds.

Then after showing her followers the trainers, many actually agreed with Billie’s dad, saying that the shoes were in fact pink and white. But a screenshot of the actual Nike Air More Uptempo revealed that the trainers are indeed mint-green and white.

Billie, however, was adamant that the shoes were pink, and The Great Shoe Debate of 2020 was left unresolved and fans were not happy.

One user wrote: ‘every time i look at billie eilish’s story those shoes are a different colour.


‘everyone go watch billie eilish’s story and try to tell me those shoes are not pink and white what is she smoking,’ said another.

What colours do you see the trainers as? We have to agree with Billie’s fans (and her dad); the shoes couldn’t look more pink and white. Is it an optical illusion? Is Billie trolling us? Have we all collectively lost our minds thanks to 2020? We guess we’ll never know.

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