Big-breasted beauties and long-legged blondes doom themselves to difficulties in dealing with colleagues and superiors

Last year, many news feeds in the curiosity section reported a study by American scientists (who, as is known from the yellow press, have an unexpected result for any event), found that beautiful people earn 10% more ugly.

The case, of course, is not in a secret increase to the salary for decorating the office, but in more subtle mechanisms. What to do to everyone else and whether beauty really plays a role not only in the modeling business, the correspondent of SHE explained.

Casting in accounts department

Strictly speaking, “pleasant appearance” in vacancies is prescribed for a few posts (and, as a rule, they are not the crown of ambition). “Unless an office manager meeting customers,” workers of recruitment agencies shrug their shoulders. And then there are the subtleties and individual cases that are too small for statistics, but immediately inflate into a painful blister when it comes to a specific desired vacancy.

“Concerned by the image, sitting in the office of pretty girls, picking them on the same principle as furniture or paintings, do meet,” Igor Eiswald, director of the agency Modern Stuff, comments. “Such interest in the appearance of the staff – with the screening out of people extravagantly looking or, for example, just full,” the owners of the companies often show. ”

The opposite is also possible: the director of the employment agency Alexey Sukhorukova notes that he knows cases when the employer was frightened and really outstanding beauty. 

“The health of the collective is more important than an individual worker. And people who understand the management of personnel can predict problems from the appearance of a particularly attractive woman in the team, “Mr. Sukhorukov explains. “In a small organization of intrigue, in that case, practically the entire collective can be put out of action.”

However, the stunning beauty that pushes colleagues in a duel is an extraordinary case. In the rest, as both HR specialists and psychologists admit (and any pretty careerist, to be honest), pleasant appearance is a good auxiliary, no more and no less.

Blondes do not belong here

However, sometimes the female sex itself, together with an attractive appearance, can be a reason for bewilderment of employers and colleagues. “I regularly hear:” Why do you have to make a career as a scientist with your appearance? It is better to marry a ready-made professor! “- says Candidate of Mathematical Sciences Svetlana.

“I left geology, because all the colleagues had a break in the template – a blonde with stiletto heels and with three diplomas they did not perceive,” maintains Daria, marketing director. – The first thing I heard from a very famous scientist when I was at a GIS seminar where I was the only woman: “You, a girl, with such appearance should find a peasant richer and sit at home – the gene pool of the nation should be corrected, and not On fields with a hammer and a card to run “. Now I work in the IT sector, and here the situation is much better. ”

“This problem really exists. Our society, firstly, is very patriarchal and the attitude to the woman in it is appropriate. Secondly, many do not know how to separate the spheres of personal and business, – commented psychotherapist Alexander Butskikh. – On the other hand, in some cases this can be a reaction not only to the appearance, but also to the girl’s self-awareness.

If she unconsciously feels insecurity and a desire to prove her attractiveness, this situation may arise: “I do not think that you are a good specialist, I think that you just want to like.”

“Often a girl at an interview overdo a stick with an external self-presentation,” confirms Alexei Sukhorukov. “I do not mean outfits that go beyond good taste, but even within business clothes, you can accidentally push the employer into suspicion that the girl is trying to get out on the exterior.”

For beautiful eyes

In a strange way, sometimes looking back at your home yard or class, you find out that the promised revenge of the “ochkarikov” never happened: the beauty who was the leader, but did not succeed in reading thick books, turned into a business lady, and a quiet honors pupil and in her career was on the back of the desk.

This gives a good reason for the washing of the bones beauty – not without a replica of “left on the exterior.” However, psychologists believe that if it seems to you that a career is not going well because of appearance, digging, in fact, needs to be deeper.

“There is no direct correlation between life successes and beauty, there is a correlation between successes and attitudes towards oneself, and it is laid in childhood and, first of all, in the family”, psychologist Alain Sagadeeva comments. “In addition to the length of the legs and the size of the breast, there is another factor: the feeling that any person translates into the world,” explains Alexander Butskikh.

In my opinion, this basic point and objective physical parameters may not coincide with the inner feeling “I’m good” or “I’m not good”. It depends on the attitude of significant people at an early age – especially the father. If this feeling “I’m loved” for some reason in childhood was not formed, the woman will either signal to others that she is unattractive, uninteresting, not needed. Or choose the path of hypercompensation, actively persuading others that it is good. Outwardly, this can manifest itself in excessive exposure, adornment of oneself – the employer will respond accordingly. So we need to adjust not the chest or nose, but the internal state. “

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