April 20, 2024

Beyoncé’s Hair Is Longer and Blonder Than Ever on the Renaissance Tour

The summer renaissance is here! Beyoncé kicked off her highly, highly, highly anticipated Renaissance tour in Stockholm, Sweden on May 10 with some of her longest, blondest hair yet.

Beyonc performs onstage at the Renaissance tour with her hair in loose waves.

The superstar has kept a low profile as of late, building up anticipation for the 57-show tour, which runs from May to September; it’s her first solo tour since 2016. Fans were practically foaming at the mouth to see the disco-influenced album come to life onstage — not to mention Bey’s tour outfits, hair and makeup.

Obviously she didn’t disappoint, with every detail precisely planned and executed, including her luscious long waves, which somehow manage to stay perfectly in place despite high-energy dance routines. Must be that Virgo energy Beyoncé is known for!

Bey hit the stage with her hair styled in loose bombshell waves, a style she frequently wears onstage because it moves beautifully and can be worn with various costumes, including bodysuits and gowns. However, she changed things up just a bit for the Renaissance tour by adding lots of warm, bright golden blonde highlights, especially at the front sections near her face for maximum pop onstage.

Her hair, which flowed down her back to her hips, was slightly rooted for a lived-in look, and her underlayers are still a few shades darker while her ends are super bright blonde. Bey’s hair is usually a dark blonde or light brunette, as she was when she performed in Dubai in early 2023, but Renaissance-era Bey is blonder than ever — and so were her dancers, the majority of whom were rocking platinum blonde hair to suit the futuristic disco vibes of the stage show.

Beyonc performs onstage at the Renaissance tour with her hair in loose waves.

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