Beyonce’s go-to stylist, Sabrina Porsche, on all things curly hair

My inspiration always comes from my amazing team… And so, this month, it just felt right to share this platform with my friend and incredible colleague, Sabrina Porsche.

Sabrina has spent the better part of the last two decades immersed in all things hair. Starting out sweeping the floors of her aunt’s salon, Sabrina now has had the honour of working with the likes of Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Solange Knowles, Meagan Good, Bresha Webb, and many more – a total expert across cutting, styling, braids, wigs and extensions.

At OUAI, we’re completely committed to prioritising diversity and inclusion – and now more than ever, I am committed to using my own platform to amplify different voices and celebrate talented stylists across the entire industry.

Here, Sabrina tells us a little about her haircare journey and explains how to look after your curly hair, in her *ultimate* guide for curly haired women. Sabrina, over to you…

My story

What can I say about Jen Atkin? She is a Jill of all trades! I met Jen in 2018 when I volunteered at one of her Mane Addicts Giveback Days. While there were about 15 pro stylists (including myself) and about 20 assistants, I like to think I stood out to her. There was a little girl who wanted her hair braided in two colourful cornrows, and I was one of the braiders, so they sent her to my chair.

I started braiding and soon after, Jen came over to me and watched as I braided her hair. It wasn’t long before Jen started helping by passing me the colourful feed-in hair! To say I was shook was an understatement.

The whole time while I was braiding this beautiful little girl’s hair, all I could think of was “OMG Jen Atkin is assisting ME!!!” She even recorded my progress and posted it on her Instagram story. That was my first encounter with Jen Atkin and it was one I would never forget.

Several months later she messaged me to see if I would like to be represented by her company, Mane Addicts. I could not believe she knew my name, let alone remembered who I was. Signing with Mane Addicts was a no brainer and the rest is history. She has promoted me and put me out there for the world to see; I am so excited and thankful to be part of her amazing team. Here, Jen asked me to share my seven best hacks for curly hair with GLAMOUR readers…

1. Home Experimenting: What’s in your cabinet?

For the most part, people think you have purchase new products when in fact, you may have the perfect ingredients to create a deep conditioner, hot oil treatment, and even hair gel in your cupboard already.

During these difficult times we’re facing, it can be frustrating having to wait in long lines at stores, so I often make my own products. If you have avocados, honey, eggs, olive oil, and coconut oil handy, you have many of the perfect ingredients to deep condition your hair and create super soft and bouncy curls.

Before I started making this conditioner, my hair was dry, brittle, and very frazzled. I would use my homemade conditioner 1 to 2 times a month and my hair has changed dramatically as a result; it is no longer dry and brittle, and my curls have much more elasticity.

2. Scalp scrubs for the win

One of my favourite scalp scrubs is The Ouai Scalp Body Scrub. It usually takes multiple products to get that perfect curl, which can generate buildup on your scalp after a day or two. The Ouai Scalp Body Scrub works great on dry scalp especially if you struggle with dandruff. I use this scrub in the shower on my wash days and before I co wash my hair and my hair is left feeling soft and moisturised. The best part about this scrub is you can also use it for your body; how cool and convenient is that?

3. Relaxed to natural

If you feel that scalp scrubs are too harsh, a great alternative is detox shampoo, especially if you are transitioning from relaxed to natural hair. Detox shampoo eliminates product build-up and rebalances your scalp. I started using detox shampoo when I first started my transition to natural hair and it literally made my hair feel squeaky clean. I have very fine hair and this product has made my hair feel much thicker and softer, and my curls are thriving.

4. T-Shirts and air drying

Wash days can be an all-day process for curly girls, from the pre-wash prep to the in-shower routine to the conditioning treatments. There is not a lot of talk about the importance of proper drying of the hair. Because of how fine my hair is, I have to make sure what I use to blot my hair dry does not pull out my hair because every strand counts. Instead of using a terry cloth towel, I use an old T-shirt.

I do this because it prevents breakage caused by using a towel which can cause your strands to get caught. I then use products to prep and define my curls and I let it air dry. To get the best results, I like to do this without using any heated tools. Your hair will thank you, I promise! Air drying your hair also helps to obtain ultimate results and great hair definition.

5. Detangling knots and curls

Detangling curly and coiled hair can take hours depending on your previous style or depending on the length of your hair is.

Several ways to help make this process a little easier are:

  1. Use your fingers to detangle. Because you have the most control when you can feel your hair and each strand, and it is easier to feel the knots.
  2. Use a wide tooth comb. This helps to prevent breakage and creates definition and preserves your curls.
  3. Use shears on those single strand knots.
  4. Also, giving your hair a light dusting or also referred to as a micro trim by trimming the most minimal amount of your ends which does not necessarily impact the length.
  5. This can result in healthy hair and growth. The detangle process should happen while you are in the shower after you have applied conditioner.
6. Maintaining your curls while you sleep

One word: Pineappling! This is one of the best ways to preserve and maintain your hair to get long lasting curls. Pineappling happens when your tie your hair into a high loose ponytail or bun (depending on how long your hair is) and wrapping your hair up before you go to bed. Using a silk or satin scarf, bonnet or pillowcase will also help your curls stay healthy and defined without snagging or breaking your hair.

7. LOC Method

The LOC Method is something that all girls with curly hair should practice. LOC stands for Liquid, Oil and Cream! This can be done with any preferred product in the order of the acronym. First you would use a liquid. This usually consists of water or water mixed with conditioner. You can use a regular conditioner or a leave-in by getting a water bottle and adding the water and product and shaking vigorously until the water and conditioner are completely mixed together.

The second step is any oil of your choice. I typically use between 1 and 3 oils at a time. Some of my favourites to use are Jamaican Black Castor oil, Tea Tree oil, Jojoba oil, Grapeseed oil and Coconut oil.

I typically will combine at least two together. The only one I almost always use is Jamaican Black Castor oil. I apply it to my scalp and then I comb through the ends. A small amount goes a long way. It helps to strengthen the hair, as well as promote hair growth and thicken your strands. The LOC method also helps to moisture dry brittle hair; this method is also great for transitioning hair.

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