April 17, 2024

Best Wake Up Lights & Sunrise Alarm Clocks

A sunrise alarm clock, much like a SAD lamp, will simulate the effect of brighter mornings, which might make it easier to wake up and in turn improve your mood. Plus, you can keep your sunrise alarm clock lit all day – sat next to you when working or eating your breakfast. More light = an all-round better day.

Do sunrise alarm clocks actually work?

I, too, was sceptical when it came to ditching my iPhone alarm for one of the best wake up lights. Not about how much more pleasant my morning routine would be, but on a sunrise alarm’s ability to actually get me up. After all, I was so used to being alerted to the day by a very loud sound.

As a starting point, I invested in Lumie’s Bodyclock Rise 100, which features in my round-up of the best sunrise alarm clocks below. And I loved it. The Lumie Bodyclock Rise 100 is the most basic of Lumie’s six sunrise alarm clocks, but it still worked a treat. I could choose how bright I wanted my sunrise to be at the time of waking, so I started with the dullest of red light settings.

To be honest, I still felt a tad startled when the noise sounded at 6:30am, so on morning number two, I went straight in with the brightest setting – and that’s when I realised what all the fuss was about. I woke up before my alarm even sounded — which is completely unheard of for me — and I felt genuinely wide awake when it did. The light emitted resembled the natural sunlight that it had been designed to, and I’ve not looked back since.

The best sunrise alarm clocks also tend to feature a whole host of other morning-enhancing features like mood light settings, FM radios, reading light settings, charging ports and a variety of natural sounds. Plus, they’re pretty stylish and look really chic on your bedside table. So, yep: they work.

Which sunrise alarm clock is best? Scroll for our full edit of the best sunrise wake-up alarm clocks to shop.

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