July 17, 2024

Best vibrators to buy online and get delivered discretely

Need proof? Sex has the ability to stimulate the production of oxygen, enhance your mood, act as a natural painkiller and improve cognitive function. And don’t fret if you don’t have a partner – masturbation has the exact same effect.

Sure, you’re probably masturbating or having sex (or both) fairly frequently already. But how can you make both a whole lot better? It’s easy: with one of the best vibrators.

Thanks to the largest mass scale isolation in 102 years, the number of us buying sex toys has skyrocketed since March 2020. In fact, lovethesales. com recorded a 72% increase in general sex toy sales, with searches for vibrators up 47% since the beginning of lockdown.

Wondering where to buy the best vibrators for solo pleasure? You’ve come to the right place. From bullet vibrators to rabbit vibrators and remote control vibrators, these are the best vibrators to invest in today. ‘Cos sex = self-care.

When times are stressful and the future is uncertain, there’s only one thing for it. And that’s to practise self-care. Of course, plenty of activities fall under the self-care umbrella, from exercising to meditating, eating well and writing daily positive affirmations. And sex. *All* the sex. In fact, it sits somewhere right at the top of the list, ‘cos it’s so damn good for you.

So, whether your vibrator drawer is population: one (and dusty, unloved and unused to boot) or you’re looking to expand your collection, it’s officially time to take matters into your own hands. No pun intended.

What are the different types of vibrator?

Before you start shopping for a new vibrator, it’s worth getting clued up on the different types and what they’re good for. Nope, a vibrator isn’t *just* a vibrator.

  1. Bullet vibrators are for clitorial stimulation and external clitoral contact. They’re small, discrete (could be mistaken for a lipstick) and often quite affordable.
  2. Clitoral vibrators tend to be larger than bullet vibrators, and also quite a lot more powerful. They’re often shaped like eggs or to fit in the palm of your hand and are designed for external clitoral contact.
  3. Rabbit vibrators have two key parts. The main shaft of the toy is for internal use, and the rabbit ears stimulate your clitoris simultaneously.
  4. Classic vibrators are designed for internal use. They’re often tall and slim, and can also double up as external clitoral vibrators.
  5. G-spot vibrators are also designed for internal use and have a curved tip to stimulate your G-Spot. That is, the cluster of nerves on the front of your vaginal wall.
What to consider when buying a vibrator

There are a few things to consider when shopping for a vibrator online. They are:

  1. Check what speed and power settings they have, and whether you’ll be able to mix things up depending on your mood.
  2. Is the vibrator rechargeable? You might pay more for a rechargeable toy, but they’re cheaper in the long-run since you don’t have to keep buying batteries.
  3. Is it loud? Try and find a sex toy that operates silently, particularly if you live in a shared house and want to be discrete about things.
  4. What are the dimensions of the toy? Are you happy with the size?
  5. What is the vibrator made from? If you want a velvety feel and something which won’t irritate your skin, silicone is most often the way to go. Avoid anything containing phthalates (chemicals used to increase flexibility) as these chemicals have links to health risks. Also, look for the ‘phthalate-free’ certification on the box for optimum safety.
What are the best vibrators to buy online?

When it comes to buying a vibrator online, the possibilities are almost endless. Brands are cottoning on to our increased desire for sex life-transforming toys and dropping new vibrator models faster than the spread of Coronavirus.

The best vibrator all round is The Ballerina by Smile Makers. They’re a fairly new brand in the sex toy arena who made a name for themselves when they landed on Gwyneth Paltrow’s famed wellness site, Goop. Now stocked on Beauty Bay, The Ballerina can be delivered next day (if you order by 11pm) and it has been designed to stimulate your whole vulva. Not just the clitoris. Perfect for those who don’t fancy anything too intense. It’s quiet – although not totally silent – and looks really sleek. Stylish, even.

There’s also the Moregasm+ Rabbit Ears – the best rabbit vibrator of the bunch. It’s a clitoral vibrator, stocked at Ann Summers, which looks discrete and offers a more intense orgasm. It’s not totally silent but it is waterproof, rechargeable and made of silicone for a soft touch.

The best vibrator on Amazon is the Satisfyer Pro 2 Clitoral Toy. In the world of sex toys, this design is pretty revolutionary. It sits within a whole new realm of toy which uses pulsing sonar vibrations to offer heightened pleasure which replicates the feeling of oral sex. This sex toy has a relatively low price point, so it’s not quite as fancy and long-lasting as some of the more expensive options in this edit, but it’s seriously effective and works almost silently. Got house mates? No problem.

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