May 19, 2024

Best Sustainable Fashion Influencers On TikTok And Instagram

If one of your goals for 2023 is to style yourself with more sustainability in mind, you need to follow our edit of the best sustainable fashion influencers… Across Instagram and TikTok, we’ve searched through the #fitchecks and #ootds to search out the content creators who will give you tips, inspiration, styling ideas and vital knowledge about the more damaging elements of the fashion industry — all with the intention of keeping you on the path towards more conscious consumption.

There are so many ways to incorporate sustainable fashion into your wardrobe and the good news is that you don’t have to just stop shopping (although it’s been cited that to reach our climate goals, we should buy no more than five new fashion items this year… eek…)

Instead, make your mantra “knowledge is power. ” Knowing who made your clothes and what they were paid — as well as understanding exactly what impact the fibres in your garments have — are just the start. Making sure you’re actually going to wear any purchase (and trying to reach the #30WearsChallenge) is essential, as is knowing what will happen to your clothes at inevitable end of life.

Will it go to landfill, be recycled, donated or upcycled? Which is the least impactful option? Want to know how to keep an eye out for greenwashing — and the most meaningful methods of calling it out? Look to these sustainable fashion influencers for their inspiring thoughts, words and deeds…

Jen lives for charity shopping and has an eye for interesting finds whether they are authentically vintage or donated high street finds. Her hauls will have you raring to get down to your local branch and prove that something new to you is as good as brand new.

As well as sharing vintage finds, Rabia shops her own wardrobe, works out fresh ways to rewear old favourites and is honest about how her journey to sustainable fashion helped her hone her personal style.

Eleanor’s super simple sewing tips are easy to follow and will give you all the inspo for transforming charity shop finds and giving new life to old garms… and homeware too (the tablecloth to bag transition is pure magic. )

Unpicking the details, fabrics and composition of garments from some of our favourite brands, sharing tech knowledge that will allow you to work out how it will wear (no one wants a dress that will split at the seams after one wear) and whether it’s worth the cost: Andrea’s advice on the shopping tricks to avoid when you’re browsing is priceless.

Izzy’s feed is a rainbow of joy — and everything she wears is sustainable. We love to see the mix of totally on-trend lewks with conscious purchasing, whether she’s wearing made-to-order (to cut down production waste) or natural fibres (which reduces the use of synthetic-based fossil fuel fabrics. )\

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