May 19, 2024

Best Movies Coming This Summer

Netflix UK will be the place to head to when you find yourself without any plans this summer. Or even if you have a jam-packed schedule in the upcoming months, sometimes all you need is a break from all that scorching hot fun in the sun, so trust us when we say the streaming service has most certainly got your back.

Home to some epic movie releases this year already, Netflix shows no signs of stopping, with its summer line-up of films being some of the best we’ve seen.

I mean, you cannot go wrong with a perfect rom-com, and we have the likes of Gabrielle Union heading up The Perfect Find and Ellie Kemper in Happiness for Beginners. Cannot wait! Meanwhile, action movies also kick butt, and the powerful Gal Gadot once again takes over the genre with Heart of Stone.

If you’re looking for something different, there’s a new interactive rom-com hitting Netflix in August called Choose Love, in which we, the viewers, have a say in what life choices the heroines makes.

Netflix also has us covered when it comes to all things real-life, as a series of upcoming documentaries are set to leave us on the edge of our seats, such as the devastating healthcare doc Take Care of Maya and a freediver breaking world records in The Deepest Breath.

So, without further ado, here are the 11 best new films slated for a summer release on Netflix UK.

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