May 18, 2024

Best concealer against dark circles

Withredtwo, which eliminates the annoying blue, not clogging pores and not dry skin, the concealer with the effect of the highlighter (which will make dark circles lighter) and corrective maintenance that will adapt to the skin tone, experts BeautyHack chose means that you will look like you sleep 10 hours a day.

Cream concealer Radiant Creamy Concealer, NARS

The easy applicator (like lip gloss) it is easy to spread the product under the eyes and blend with your fingers.

“Cheers” to cope with dark circles under the eyes and stand to the evening. Creamy in texture concealer does not dry the skin and refreshes the eyes with a pearlescent particles in the composition.

Крем-консилер Radiant Creamy Concealer, NARS

Brightening concealer Under Eye Brightening Corrector, BECCA

With this tool I was introduced to the Russian artist Olga Fox concealer you can always find her case on the set.

ОсветляющийкорректорUnder Eye Brightening Corrector, BECCA

Pink reflective pigment helps to neutralise dark circles under the eyes and even out tone. The product does not dry the skin and does not clog the crease.

Concealer Éclat Lumière, the shade 30 Beige Rose, Chanel

Корректор Éclat Lumière, оттенок 30 Beige Rose, Chanel

Merry salmon color seems very bright, but to be frightened it is not necessary. Wonderful tool to spread and surprisingly quickly merges even with very fair skin a warm shade to neutralize the blueness under the eyes almost perfectly. In Éclat Lumière has reflective particles, but it is extremely delicate – they are invisible even under direct light, so I would leave it exclusively for the eye.

Concealer face High Precision Retouch, Giorgio Armani

Консилер для лица High Precision Retouch, Giorgio Armani

Once in my makeup bag, the concealer made it a real beauty revolution, replacing the SS and BB creams.

It is not necessary to apply all over the face – we can point to problem areas. Tool – perfect for the beach and hot summer: in a single stroke thin and very convenient applicator to disguise dark circles and not stressed facial wrinkles (who are slightly “over 30,” I will understand).

Concealer are non-comedogenic – won’t clog pores. Apply a small amount to the periorbital region, a little discoloration from acne scars, a bit on the nose area and I’m ready to conquer new heights.

The tools are a nice texture and almost no smell, and the color adjusts to skin tone – can’t go wrong with shade.

Concealer against dark circles momentary Instant Concealer, Clarins

Консилер против темных кругов моментального действия Instant Concealer, Clarins

I’m not a fan of makeup, but concealer is included in the mandatory daily minimum (in my case dark circles is a cosmetic feature, not signs of fatigue).

I always try to choose products that contain the composition effect of filler components. This means they are more than enough: caffeine, stimulating metabolic processes in tissues (it turns out that “make” it not only inside), aloe extract, soothing the skin, and a couple of “fighters” for a radiant look.

The tool is very persistent: as in the song – neither snow, nor heat, nor torrential rain are not afraid of him. The texture is light – not felt on the skin.

Effect – great: after not a single person will guess that the night you danced at a foam party, and not hugging the pillow.

Another bonus – part of the funds have reflective Light Optimizing complex, which helps to redistribute the shadow. Nothing to complain about.

BB concealer Double Wear Brush-On Glow, Estee Lauder

BB корректор Double Wear Brush-On Glow, Estee Lauder

Ideological heir to the infamous YSL Touche Eclat – get out a highlighter-concealer pen with a brush that can be used on all areas of the face where the urgent need to add lights. The application of thin – really dark circles will make it lighter and thus will refresh the look, but they do not completely overlap. But Brush-On Glow works well as a light highlighter.

Under eye concealer Under Eye Concealer, 95, Inglot

Корректор под глаза Under Eye Concealer, 95, Inglot

Dark circles under eyes – my headache. Does not take them practically nothing but cosmetics. This concealer lived up to expectations and failed in their task.

Impressive and low consumption make it clear that the tool will stay in your purse for a long time. The consistency of the liquid – droplets small enough to reliably hide the unpleasant “blue”.

The tool copes with swelling – apply concealer hammered movements fingertips. If you are snow white, feel free to mask with it the imperfections of the skin – the perfect remedy to cope with this task.

Importantly, the corrector does not dry out the delicate area under the eyes in the composition is an extract of the bark of the ash tree, and vitamins E and B3.

If “you are a little over 30” or you just have an active facial expressions, concealer helps to hide wrinkles and other imperfections. The result is the effect of “soft focus” like in the Stories Instagram filter (as part of the means is scattering particles which will make you visually refreshed, and your skin smoother).

Brightening concealer Boi-ing Concealer Brightening, hue No. 1, Benefit

Осветляющий консилер Boi-ing Brightening Concealer, оттенок No. 1, Benefit

The brand has updated its line of concealers – now four of them, they are decorated in the same style (that is, “all is rosy”), and each serves a purpose. Brightening Concealer in a previous life was called the Erase Paste and is designed specifically for the skin under the eyes – it brightens the skin and adjusts its color with warm peach potona.

BB cream corrective care for the skin around the eyes, Erborian

BB крем корректирующий уход для кожи вокруг глаз,Erborian

Concealer has long been famous in the Russian beauty-environment – ranks in the top best unofficial means. Despite the fact that only available in one shade, amazingly adapts to different colours and suitable for almost everyone! In addition, well behaved on the skin. and does not emphasize dryness, the contrary is really good, and even great coping with the camouflage of bruises and dark circles under the eyes.

The corrective remedy for dark circles Clearly Corrective Dark Circle Perfector SPF 3, Kiehl’s

Корректирующее средство против темных кругов Clearly Corrective Dark Circle Perfector SPF 3,Kiehl's

If you prefer to use makeup and just want to lighten and even out skin tone under your eyes, then you created Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Circle Perfector SPF 30. It includes mineral filters and pigments, so it not only masks the dimmer, but also protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation. The texture is very light and friendly to its owner – will be great during holidays in hot countries.

Magic pencil-Covermazing Magic concealer Pen Concealer, Holika Holika

Волшебный карандаш-консилер Covermazing Magic Pen Concealer, Holika Holika

Korean brand concealer lot of (Asian women the most attention in makeup give the complexion); I just tried this and it immediately became my favorite. Unlike a lot of concealers in the brush that are too transparent, Covermazing Magic Pen perfectly covers dark circles, despite the thinness of the coating is apparently due to the pink padonu.

Concealer “Glow and Youthfulness”, Yves Rocher

Консилер «Сияние и Молодость», Yves Rocher

The first thing to note is a compact box with a convenient applicator (you can check my makeup on the run – use brushes and sponges not necessarily). The tools are light texture concealer perfectly blends with the color of the skin and refreshes the face. The main objective of the funds is not to cover flaws and redness and give your face glow and even out skin tone. To concealer stayed longer, I fixed it with transparent powder, and he stayed with me until the end of the day.

The product does not dry the skin (which is important for the delicate eye area), and reflective pigment in the composition give the effect of light highlight to combat dark circles much easier.

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