May 24, 2024

Ben Affleck Channels Jennifer Lopez by Singing at Their Star-Studded Christmas Party

On December 17, Jennifer and Ben Affleck threw an extravagant holiday party at their Los Angeles home, which was reportedly attended by Kim Kardashian, Billie Eilish, Doja Cat, and more. According to snaps from the event, which can be seen here, the party included pizza and hot cocoa bars, as well as a gingerbread replica of their home, which was decked out in fairy lights.

“Ben and Jen have been having so much fun getting ready for Christmas,” a source told Entertainment Tonight. “Jen’s favourite holiday is Christmas, so she always goes all out, but this is a really exciting time for them as a couple since it’s their first Christmas as husband and wife. ” The source added that J. Lo “wants this year to be even more special than usual and to make new traditions of their own, both as a family and with Ben. ”

Obviously, the party wouldn’t have been complete without a performance by J. Lo, who sang On the Floor for her guests. Dressed in a long-sleeve gold gown, she also led partygoers in a round of Jingle Bells.

Jennifer Lopez is not the only singer in the Affleck family.

However, it was Ben who stole the show with a surprise rendition of John Legend’s By Christmas Eve:

“That’s my baby’s favourite Christmas song,” Lopez says after sharing a kiss with her husband in a second video of the moment.

First, they abandon Dunkin’ Donuts for Starbucks, and now this… Clearly, Jennifer Lopez is a major influence on Ben Affleck. Can’t wait for the joint album.

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