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Mushrooms differently it is possible to cook and prepare for the winter, but drying is one of the most common types of harvesting mushrooms. Dried porcini mushrooms have a strong flavor.

Dried porcini mushrooms are stored for a long time, and its nutritive value is even superior to canned.

White mushrooms are Spongy. For my taste they are considered the most valuable. The white mushroom does not change its color when cut and dried. All the other mushrooms on the cut quickly darken and even blacken. In addition, a broth of porcini mushrooms is white and transparent, it is very fragrant and nourishing.

The caloric value of the dried white fungus is 282 calories per 100 grams of product.

Composition and useful properties of dried white mushrooms

White dried mushrooms more than the others, contains Riboflavin, a substance responsible for the health and growth of nails, hair, skin and health in General. Riboflavin is especially important to maintain the normal state of thyroid function. White fungus is used as a remedy for tuberculosis, loss of strength, to improve metabolism. Dried white mushrooms is present in the alkaloid geradin used in the treatment of angina.

Aqueous extracts from mushrooms treat ulcers, frostbite. White mushrooms contain vitamins a (carotene), B1, C and especially vitamin D. besides, white fungus contains many nutrients, some of them have anti-tumor properties. Dried mushrooms have been used successfully for cancer prevention.

The conditions and duration of storage of dried white mushrooms

Dried mushrooms are very hygroscopic and should be stored in clean, dry, well ventilated area, preferably with a constant temperature. At sharp fluctuations of temperature mushrooms may mold and moldy. Do not store dried mushrooms on the ground or next to the fresh vegetables, fruits, berries, nuts, pickled and salted products. If the mushrooms when stored damp, they must be immediately sorted through to remove damaged and dry, otherwise they will quickly get moldy.

Store the mushrooms should in paper bags or cardboard containers. Term storage up to 1 year, and if you put them in the freezer, they can be stored longer.

White fungus dried in cooking

Dried white fungus, you can boil, simmer and fry, used for cooking different soups, such as borsch, Solyanka, soup, soup, main dishes, different sauces, as a filling for pies and stuffed cabbage. Mushrooms can be cooked as a separate dish or use them as seasoning to other culinary products. Mushrooms in dried form are used mainly as a seasoning and very rarely as a separate dish (for example, mushroom spawn).

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