Bella Hadid’s Backless Dior Gown Will Make You Yearn for Halter Tops

There are three things of which were sure in this life: death, taxes and lastly, Bella Hadids affinity for early-aughts staples, like teensy sunglasses, baggy pants and halter tops.

The latter, of course, was a must-have wardrobe item for those of us who spent any number of tween, teen or young adult years between 2001 to, lets say 2006. Halter tops were also very big at my particular summer camp, at which I liked to break out my striped Gap Kids number for more “formal” events, like Craft Fairs.

Hadids latest halter top is, thankfully, not that! At Diors “Art of Color” exhibition in Shanghai, China on Wednesday, she, as a face of Dior Makeup, arrived wearing what is technically a halter, but really falls more into the “backless” category of silhouettes. (Like a square is a rectangle, but a rectangle is not a square — a halter top is a backless top, but a backless top is not a halter top.) The gown, made by Dior, came complete with an all-over ruffled bodice (allowing for just a hint of side-boob), a low-cut neckline and a full tulle skirt with a slight, dainty polka dot overlay.

She wore her hair in one of those signature slicked-back high-ponytails, but parted the front section of hair down the middle for an interesting twist. Her makeup, courtesy of Dior Makeup creative and image director Peter Philips, appears to have included a dark cat-eye, and also looked very nice.

This obviously isnt a regular halter top. Its a fancy halter top, because its backless. But it sure makes me want to bust out the closest thing to this I own and attempt to recreate this whole look — however unwise that may be, considering Id be basing my replica off a couture gown. Potato, pot-tah-toe.

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