May 24, 2024

Bella Hadid-inspired makeup is trending on TikTok, and it’s all about lifted skin and eyes

Bella Hadid is everywhere right now – from walking practically every big name show at Fashion Week (not forgetting her viral Coperni moment) to making her acting debut in Hulu’s comedy series Ramy.

So naturally, TikTok has taken note. A number of creators have taken to sharing Bella Hadid-inspired looks recently, using audio clips of her speaking and taking the opportunity to try to mimic those ultra-sculpted cheekbones.

Speaking of which, there’s a specific technique for achieving the Hadid sculpt – that is, to bring the contour through the cheekbone, and then straight down to the jaw. Dubbing it the ‘Bella Hadid Face Snatch’, beauty creator Clare Dumont added yet more lift by blending eyeshadow and blusher towards the temples.

Others have copied Bella’s lived-in eye makeup looks, including TikToker Mallory Osses, who calls it the ‘supermodel eye’. Using a cream bronzer, a taupe eyeshadow crayon, brown eyeshadow and a little shimmer, she created the smokey eye in minutes.

The Bella beauty craze doesn’t stop there, either, since TikTok star Tara Sigari also recreated the model’s look from Beyoncé’s birthday party – complete with red lip and that signature ‘snatched’ look once again. «This look is all about complexion,» she says.

Bella Hadid herself is actually pretty low-key when it comes to doing her own makeup, although of course she works with makeup artists for events and runway shows.

In a video for Vogue back in 2016, she shared a typical makeup look she might wear after a busy period of travelling and working. She added a little concealer under her eyes and on any blemishes, before using a contour stick (just under her cheekbones, FYI).

She then added a dusting of Dior’s nude highlighter, before using brow pencil, a little mascara and gold eyeshadow on her lids and inner corners – applied using her finger. A little clear lipgloss finished the look.

A 2022 makeup routine wouldn’t go amiss though, Bella. Amiright?

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