July 24, 2024

Beer cans as cool as the beer itself 56, photos

Three main things to take away from this gallery:

1. There are a ton of insanely cool beer cans out there

2. Our iChive users are experts at tracking them down

3. If you say “beer can” in a British accent, it sounds like “bacon” in a Jamaican accent


Speaking of beer cans, hops on over to The Chivery to cop our rad new Crushing It Tee. Whether you’re drinking to unwind or to drown the memory of your comrades being eaten alive by ravenous sharks, this shirt will let everyone know that you’re not here to nurse a few wine coolers and call it quits.

You party the same way you approach every aspect of life – by absolutely crushing it. Just make sure to send us a photo first if the can looks cool.

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